Thursday, November 4, 2010

driving school

Oh, I don't mean like driver's ed...I mean we have literally
been doing school while driving down the road lately.


I can't believe how crazy-busy we are.

My odometer is pleading for mercy.

Look at that sweet girl...
she works harder at her school work than anyone I know.

Oh and basketball starts on Monday.

My word, is there no respite for a weary Mama?

Apparently not.

No worries, I'm thankful for every minute.
We have a blast no matter where or what we're doing.

But I will get a little time with my man tonight!
He asked me out on a date.
Be still my heart.

We're going for Greek food and I simply cannot wait.
Good food.
Good (uninterrupted) conversation.


Thank you all so very much for your kind words and prayers yesterday.
We had a lovely service for Chloe.
The place was packed.
We have so many friends and family members to be
forever grateful for.


Amy said...

Macy looks serious about her studies. How is her math class at public school?

Jean said...

Enjoy your date!! You deserve it!!

I am so happy, I mean so sad that soccer is over with!

I'll be prayin for you through b-ball season!

JR said...

Have fun tonight!! You sure deserve a break with your favorite main man! tee hee

Serving the King said...

Girl I so hear ya. I feel like every time the side door of the mini-van opens half of our household falls out. It. Is. A. Mess. because we spend so much time in there. Good times, good times.

Tony and Rett said...

Glad you have fun wherever you go!

Doesn't the quote say, "The world is our classroom..." Good job proving it!

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