Sunday, November 7, 2010

meet chippy

Our baby chicks are growing like crazy.
And Lucy's love for them is doing the same.

She brought this little visitor in from the hen house to show me
how much he/she has grown.

His/her name is Chippy.

I really hope Lucy realizes that these chickens will NOT
be welcome into my house for much longer.

Good heavens, I can't keep this place clean with the people
living here, much less poultry.


Tracy said...

Ok your gonna die when I tell you this, but when are two older girls were younger we had chickens. One particular chicken who we named Baby was more like a dog really. She would follow us around places and allow the girls to pick her up and love on her. She really was very sweet and I cant say that Im a big chicken lover but she definently found her spot in our hearts. Well one day I was out tending to our garden and because it was so nice outside I had left the sliding door to the house open. When I came back into the house Baby was perched up on the couch watching the tv. No lie. She sat there for awhile and then hopped down and went back outside. From that day forward Baby would come into the house whenever the door was open and hop up onto the couch just to watch the tv. It was really cute. Not once did she ever leave a mess in the house. And when she died she was buried in the back yard with a handmade cross that read "Baby our little red hen."
By the way I love the way that you have been fixin Lucys hair. Very cute!!

Nancy said...

Aw, the photos are so great! She truly does love her chick!

Adeye said...

How sweet is THAT????? What a sweetheart.

Oh, and good luck keeping the chilckens out. Me thinks mama is going to have to pick her battles wisely with her animal lovin' babe.


Debby said...

Lori....Those are the CUTEST pics of Lucy & her Chick........

JR said...

OMGoodness!!! Miss Lucy is adorable!! I could just gobble her up!! She's the sweetest, preciousest (yup - that's a word!) cutie pie EVER!!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures!

♥ to you from Durango!

Nicole A. said...

So sweet! I bet she'll use that superbly cute smile to let you keep that chick in the warm house during the winter. :)

PS: Her hair looks so cute with the bangs growing out.

Have a great week!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Holly said...

Isn't having little kids the greatest thing? They get so much joy out of little things. I just love it! And Lucy sure is becoming more beautiful by the minute. It seems she is getting less "cutesy" and more lovely. : )

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