Monday, November 15, 2010


One of the first things Lucy wanted to do yesterday
morning when she woke up was work on
her memory verse.

We write them out on little slips of paper, then she can
practice putting the in order.

She loves that.

Problem is,
she starts to depend on reading it instead of memorizing it.
But, I'm thankful even for that!
She's one smart cookie.

"Mom, look at this really big word!"

And don't you love her bed-head, adorned with a headband?


Happy Monday, everyone!


Debby said...

WOWZA!!!! What a smart FU you
She must take after her BIG "sisters".....

Shonni said...

Yes, Cute!!

Jean said...

Great idea and oh my she is smart!

We are doing that in school today!! Thanks for the idea!! Love it!!

Chad and Kristy said...

Oh, that's a really good idea! I will have to try that with Colin:)

Congrats! On your win at Nihao Yall!

JR said...

OMGoodness!! She is not only ADORABLE but she's super SMART too!! Love this post!! Bed head and all!

Love you guys!

Hezra said...

thanks. kill my esteem as a homeschooling mama... lol My SIX yr old is just now starting to put letters together and read.gah. ok, aside from my obvious jealousy, you are blessed. She is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Looks like you won one of Stephanie's giveaways!

Karin said...

Tell her that the big word is what how fast she should obey you when you tell her to do something. hehe.

Don't slap me. :)

She is sooo stinkin smart!!!

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