Monday, November 15, 2010

adoption update {and more}

We finally have LID.


And honestly, I'm still quite calm about the whole timing thing.

Not sure if that's a sign of my super spirituality or
me feeling like,
what the heck are we doing?

More the latter than the former, I'm certain.

But, oh well.
What kind of faith is involved in doing things that feel safe?

On the other hand,
what the heck are we doing?

Just kidding.

So speaking of children,
I remembered something my oldest said to me as
he and I were driving to his college visit.

I asked him to pass me a napkin because my fingers were greasy.
Delicious McD hashbrowns, ya know?
Stop judging me.

He said,
"Mom, just wipe your hands on your jeans."

"Brenden! I just put these clean jeans on an hour ago,
I'm not wiping my hands on them."

"No, just carefully wipe your fingers on the seams,
then no one will notice."

"Oh. Huh. Brilliant."

This is the same child who couldn't figure out why his
jeans were so annoyingly short all of a sudden.

Til I asked him what size they were.


"Brenden, you wear 32/34. You have on your dad's jeans."

That's it for now, folks.
Sorry, that's the best I could come up with.

I got nothing else.
You get what you pay for.


Jean said...

I just love your sense of humor!!

I know what ya mean- usually I'm on the plane to China when I say to myself... what the heck am I doin?

Not only were they short but they were fallin down, big time!!

Jean said...

Oops! Congrats on the LID!!

Holly said...

Hilarious! And okay, I guess I'll stop judging you. ; )

Learning Together at Home said...

Hehehe :)

Congratulations on the LID. Every single step counts. And I'd go for super spiritual. Me? I am usually pretty cool as a cucumber until we are about to meet our new child (bio or adopted) and then, oh boy, suddenly the cold feet start. At least I'm consistent (this is #5). ;)

connie said...

Serious chuckling here! And I needed it, thank you very much.
Congratulations on LID!!!

Angie said...

Thanks for the free wisdom to pass on to my boys who always seem to forget that they have a napkin for their messy hands...use the seams...brilliant!

Janet and Kevin said...

Too funny! I will have to try that next time I am without a napkin in public.

Congrats on your LID. Big step. And I know what you mean. We are gearing up to try to lock in a file of a little girl this Friday - have to wait til she has been on the list a full month because of our age (that stinks, doesn't it??) and I wake up each morning thinking, "What are we doing?" Then I remember to say, "Oh yeah, thi is a God thing."

janet and gang

Angela said...

I so wish you were my neighbor. I'm always guaranteed a smile when I visit your blog.

Congrats on the LID :)

Karin said...

ohhhh...I love the wipe-on-the-seams idea! Your son is brilliant and will go far in life (I think that should go on a fortune cookie paper).

Congrats on the LID!! :)

megadog said...

Great news on the LID. Hooray.
I'm with ya on the greasy hands thing. I don't think I want even my seams greasy!

Cindy said...

Oh, you all crack me up!
Reminds of the other day I couldn't figure out why my jeans wouldn't go past my hips...they were my 11 yr old sons(both identical Levis) oops!

LID Congrats to your family!

Madeleine said...



I had a similar conversation with my son today. I 'blessed' him today with McD.s for his birthday week. Ew.

But I asked him for a napkin and he said, "why do you need a napkin? Just wipe it on your jeans. " Then he told me he always picks the darkest jeans because you can't see the grossness that way.

And I thought it was his style. P

And I am JUMPING FOR JOY!!! for your LID!!!!!! And I know that 'What the heck am I doing' feeling!!!!

It is my mantra. Sometimes it gets the right answer, sometimes I break out in sweat. P lol.

Chris said...

Yeah, I know that feeling, but right now it is What Have We Done...things aren't bad, they just are not normal...yet.
I like Brendan's idea..would save on laundry.
What is it w/ guys and their size dyslexia...I have one like that too

quilt-n-mama said...

Congrats on your LID! Praying things move right along for you from here!
Gayly Conard

Kathy said...

LOL! :)
Congratulations on LID!!!

Adeye said... are tooooo funny :)

Rejoicing about the LID!

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