Friday, November 12, 2010

23 years

I had a super fun birthday!
Thanks to everyone for all your sweet comments.
My party took a turn for the wild
(oh, it always does)
when Lucy lost her balloon in the high part of the ceiling.They tried to no avail to get it down in this manner.
But our resident hero did eventually retrieve it.
But it found its place of refuge back up there again and again.
Of course it did.


And today we celebrate

23rd wedding anniversary!!

I seriously have the most amazing husband ever.
How this man puts up with me,
I'll never know.

But he does.
And he thinks I'm all that, too.


I love you, honey!!


Rachel said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!!

Sean and Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary!!

connie said...

Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple!

Tesseraemum said...

Aww, Happy Anniversary too!
We celebrated our 23rd on Oct 24th!
Congrats!! Sheri

JR said...

Happy Anniversary to a very sweet couple!!

♥ to both of you from Durango!!

Patty said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Doug said...

Congrats, Lori.

Carmi and I celebrate 24 tomorrow. :-)

Nicole A. said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary!! Glad you had some fun and made some memories!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Holly said...

Birthday AND anniversary?! That's an exciting couple of days!

Happy anniversary to you both. I hope you have a fantastic time...having fun together! ; )

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! What a sweet couple.

Kevin and I just celebrated our
30th on November 1st! And now we are bringing home another little treasure within the next year! What a life!

Janet and gang

Karin said...

Happy Anniversary!!! All the cool people get married in Nov. Did you know that?! Yeah.

Next week is our anniversary.

You and me. We exude coolness. (and oldness, according to certain unnamed teens)

Debby said...

So wonderful! Happy Anniversary Lori!!

Jean said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Hope you had a great day!

Laurie said...

Happy belated anniversary! Love when a wife and her man love each other the way you two do! To many many more years to come for the two of you!

Hezra said...

he thinks you are all that cause you are silly. lol Happy anniversary. That may be the secret of happy marriage-- each thinking they got the better end of the bargain. lol

Janet said...

Congratulations!! and Happy Birthday. I had seen the birthday post, then when I checked in today and saw the "23" I thought you were claiming to be 23 years old hehehe

Lyn said...

I too thought you were saying you were 23 years old, but that would have made you a very young mother!

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