Monday, August 23, 2010

milk, muffins, and tattoos

A typical Sunday night at our house might include some
of the following things....

Brenden sitting down for a plate of SEVEN muffins.
And TWO big glasses of milk.

And yes, he did eat/drink all of it.
Gee, could this be why we go through about SIX
gallons of milk each week?
(And two of our four children don't even drink milk!)

And no, in case you were wondering,
Brenden is not naked.
I asked him to put a shirt on for the pic but it just
didn't happen.

Darn teenagers!

And just a few feet away,
Lucy set up shop giving tattoos to all who were willing.

And as usual,
it was her daddy who was the only willing one.

With talent like this,
her prices will be soaring soon,
so make your appointments early to get
in on a good deal!

And we could use the extra income for milk money.

Just another Sunday night at our house.


Madeleine said...

LOL he only had 7 muffins???

And yet, how do they stay so darn skinny??? 6 gallons of milk? Maybe you need to just invest in a cow. It might be cheaper. lol.

Oh I need to set me up an appointment for a tattoo. I almost got one this weekend, but didn't have the time. I sure like her work, so let me know if she can squeeze me in sometime.

I love your home. So much joy. Unspeakable and full of glory!!

Karin said...

Oh how funny! Your hubby is such a good sport!! Lucy doesn't know how blessed she is to have a daddy who will let her write on his foot. :) And Brendan...all I can say is that I have a teenager who is eating me out of house and home, too, and his dietary habits are seriously questionable.

Shonni said...

We went camping, and I just had to check up and you.
I missed you! I laughed pretty good at Bless My Heart post. Oh My...this year is going to be fun!!!

Angie said...

Eeeesh! I'm thinkin' you need some cows and goats!

Serving the King said...

Oh gracious I think I just glimpsed my future x6 with the muffins. Oh dear.

quilt-n-mama said...

Someone beat me too it but I was going to say... maybe you need a cow on that beautiful spread of yours:)

At least Lucy is tattooing someone instead of the wall... Arg! New house, new walls, praying for no new "art" today!


Jean said...

We are shocked how fast we're going through the milk, too! I guess it's a good thing!!

Does lucy like to comb hair or give backrubs!! She can even throw in a tattoo! I love it when the little give their TLC!!

kippi said...

My first thought, "you need a cow". Seems like we are like minded here. And being dairy farmers - if we didn't live so far apart we could set you up!!!

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