Wednesday, August 25, 2010

miscellaneous ramblings

Well, I really have nothing to say today.

But yet feel compelled to post something.
Even if it's not much of

FYI, we have officially ditched geometry for this year.

I can't tell you how good that feels.

Movin' on to algebra II.
Lord, help us.

At least there are no postulates and other such
evil things.

Here is a very lovely picture of a very lovely
flower, taken by a VERY lovely girl...

Macy found this flower outside and took a gazillion photos
of it. It's almost as pretty as she is. :)

She really seems to love photography.
I want to get her a decent camera at a hugely DECENT price.
Any suggestions??

And here is the result of a bad storm we had last week.

I can't tell you how sad I was to see this!!
My little boys bought this tree for me for Mother's Day when we first
moved into our house.
It was no taller than me at that time and 13 years later, it's higher
than our house.

And it's almost half gone now.

My manly man cut it
all up yesterday and hauled it away.

Is there anything sexier than a man and his chainsaw?

Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmmm.

No, there's not.


Karin said...

I am so sorry about your tree... :( Lucy's photo was very good!! I would recommend a Canon or a Nikon...they are 'the best' for a reason. A crummy camera only breeds frustration for a person who is seriously interested in photography. I think the little pocket cameras are almost $100 new, but maybe you could get a used one on Craigslist or something? I thought about getting Molly a camera last Christmas but the kids ones were $50ish and they were very low quality. I decided to let her use my old one until I could afford to get her a decent one.

Donna said...

I'm a Canon girl myself - but I would look for one for now that would "grow" with her - one that she can eventually shoot in manual and adjust her ISO, aperature, metering, etc when she's ready. A camera that is geared toward all auto settings will eventually frustrate her if she's really into it.
Just my two cents....

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I really love my Casio Exlim. It's small, not bulky, and takes great pictures. Especially for beginners. :)It's not too too expensive either

Chad and Kristy said...

Isn't Geometry the worst! I must confess... I cheated in my Geometry class in high school... it was the only way I was going to pass. Lord, please forgive me!

Shonni said...

So sorry for the tree!!!
And really, who needs Geometry!!!

Holly said...

That is so sad, but at least you got some enjoyment out of watching your hubby take care of it. : )

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