Friday, August 20, 2010

bless my heart

Today wraps up our first full week of the 2010-11
homeschool year.

On Wednesday I was talking to Patty and
she literally laughed out loud at me...


when I told her how **wonderful** our week was going
and how much I was enjoying this year so far.

She bluntly reminded me how the first week of
homeschooling is ALWAYS blissful.

Prophetic words.

True enough.

Because yesterday (Thursday) things took a turn.

I suddenly realized that the language barrier
still strongly exists between Macy and me.

Bless her heart.

Bless MY heart.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to teach
a Chinese-speaking student geometry...

when the TEACHER doesn't even understand it in ENGLISH?

We're in for a fun ride this year.

I'm hanging on tight.

I invite you to come along cause it will either break me
or provide fun fuel for some great blog posts.

Or both.

Oh and after all these years of home-educating,
I've finally decided that it's perfectly normal......

and A-OK

to have at least three+ moments of every day that
you settle in your mind that you are throwing in the towel
and sending these darn kids to public school.

Yesterday I had about 22 such moments.

Bless my heart.


The Kings said...

I can so relate to throwing in the towel several times a day. I have even gone as far as fantasizing about dropping them off in front of the school while they begged me to keep them home with me. Hahaha
Did you teach Macy last year? I would love to hear any advice you might have as I start out with Kayden this year.

Lori King

Janet and Kevin said...

As a new mom to homeschooling and former public school teacher, I am completely understanding where you are coming from! Ha, ha! And I just am teaching Philip at a preschool level - can't imagine geometry yet!!

Bless both of your hearts! Will be checking in to see how your year goes. :)

Janet and gang

Sean and Lisa said...

:) Keep on keeping on! Praying you through and can't wait to laugh along with you. LOL!
Much love!

Debby said...

It will be great! You are going to make huge strides. Start imagining yourself at June.....=)

Donna said...

I am homeschooling my 16 year old this year (so he can come to China with us) and my 4 year old. We start a week from Monday and I'm already overwhelmed!!!
Hey, if you are willing to share any tried & true tips - I'm all ears!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there girl! You can do it! Is there a bilingual college student or high school student who could tutor her to fill in the language gaps? Or maybe the Chinese friend could give you some key words for geometry terms. Just some ideas. Pray for my daughter as she still speaks some Chinglesh and she HAS to take Spanish this year. It's the only foreign language offered at our high school and she has to take it for college prep. The young man who she tutored this year because he speaks Mandarin gets to count English as his 2nd Lang. since he is learning it. Too bad we can't do that!

Patty said...

Ah yes it really is funny isn't it. You know you'll be telling me the same thing in a few weeks---the first weeks of public school are always so great.....and then well we get to about October and I'm pulling my kids out to homeschool....then we get to about March and I'm wishing I'd kept them there.....LOL.....
Hey but Ellie is doing geometry, maybe Macy can just talk to Ellie on the phone about stuff she doesn't understand!!

Holly said...

Oh my...I feel like putting them on the bus every time my boys complain about how long we spend doing school each day. Seriously??!

Adeye said...

Hahahahahahaha....tooooooo funny :) I am so with you. The big yellow bus look so tempting as it passes by our home in the morning.

Chris said...

Gotta get with you on a curriculum for a 10 y.o....shoulda ordered it before now, right?
I work better under pressure

Karin said...

Just ride the bus one morning and the temptation will leave you. :)

But I do's a hard job!

Learning Together at Home said...

Laughing over here. I can sooo relate!

Holly said...

I don't relate at all. Uh-uh. Nope not me. I would "never" have those thoughts. Oh okay, I do...often...and all my children speak English and I still can't help with Algebra or Geometry!
God's grace is sufficent and His power made perfect in my weakness. Good thing...He'll have lots of opportunities to show off then!!
One day at a time.

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