Wednesday, August 18, 2010

checking in...

Well, shoot-fire.

We got to USCIS and though they were more than happy
to do our fingerprints,
since we were there without an appointment
we were going to have to wait in line behind all the other folks
who did have an appointment.

And being that all four kids were with us
(the three teens were *patiently* waiting in the car)
we decided not to wait.


Oh well.

We will just go back on our scheduled day.

No big deal.


We started school last week.

Well, my homeschool kiddos did.

Brenden is finishing his high school career at
the Christian school we've been involved
in for the past 10 years and will start in a couple weeks.

Nick is taking algebra at our public school
and doing the rest of his subjects at home.

And Macy is full-time at home.

Lucy remains in charge of everyone
and sees to it that they don't ever forget it.


Actually, I'm working with her on kindergarten stuff.
She's still technically a year away from
starting but the girl is mega-smart so I need to get going
on it.

So sorry for no pictures.
Sad, I know.

But I just needed to check in with ya'll with something.

So there ya have it.

Now go and have yourself wonderfully blessed Wednesday!


Jean said...

Bummer... I have very patient kids too... NOT!

Waiting- it seems like we spend half our lives waiting...

Have a great school year!

Holly said...

Have a very happy school year! I am so excited to get started! But...I know I have a two year old who likes to be the center of attention.. So, I know my idealic school year is only in my dreams. That's why I love school the best before it actually starts. : )

Adeye said...

Oh bummer, sorry the fingerprint app didn't work out. No fun. God's got it ALL figured out, friend.

connie said...

:( :( :(
Well, you tried!!!!

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