Tuesday, July 27, 2010

our new fella!

Again, I

so very much for your continued support
in our current fundraiser.

I really do teeter between whether it's in good taste to
ask for adoption money.
Not sure if it's a pride thing or what.

But in my heart I feel like as a body of believers
(since most of you are Christ-followers),
it's important to share our needs
and trust that God will lead those who are called
to help out to do so.

And if it is really repulsive to you to hear people asking
for money,
please know that I don't want anyone to give unless
you are fully convicted to do so.
I hope you will at least continue to follow along our
journey and pray for us.

So I thought I needed to share a bit more about our
new fella!

I'm rather limited to what I can say about him.
This Hague thing has everyone on pins and needles
not wanting to rock the boat and mess things up over misplaced
And my agency reads my blog (Hi, Agency!).
So, it's kinda like Mom riding in the back seat on a date.

Our new son, HH (not even sure if I should put his name here)
is 11 years old and has been on the list waiting for a family for
almost two years.
He is from Macy's orphanage.
And yes, Macy knows him.
She says he is a very nice boy and is very shy.
Another shy one.
Oh well, Lucy seems to make it her mission to balance all that out.

We have lots of pictures of HH but since I can't share them
with you...well, I can't share them with you.

But he's a cute young lad (oh my gosh, I sound like a grandma).
And for whatever reason, he reminds me of a
Chinese Beaver Cleaver.

But here's the saddest part.

HH has a big brother.
That he will leave behind.

Both boys were on track to be adopted together
but because of some sort of mix-up with
brother's name, his paperwork wasn't in place
in time before he aged-out.

Macy talked to the brother on QQ (Chinese-type Facebook),
DIDN'T tell him about us, but did ask a few
questions regarding adoption.

Brother said that he realizes that he is too old to be adopted
but very much wants HH to have a family.

It's more than my heart can take.

I do ask that you will spare your advice on this.
We have done all we can do to figure out a way to bring
them both home.

And yes, I'm well aware of Vickie's situation. She and I are
friends and have already talked about this.

A few things are in place, just in case.
But right now it is completely and fully up to God to work
it out, if that is His will.

I've probably shared too much.
I'll likely edit this after I hear from my dear friend Patty
who always keeps me in line on these matters!


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Karin said...

OK--that comment about having your mom in the back seat on a date is HILARIOUS! :) You are so funny! Shy is good. Shy doesn't throw a fit in public. hee!
As for not being able to show HH's pic...grrr...Hague, shmague.
That is so heartbreaking about HH's older brother and how he wants his little brother to have a family. OMWord...I can't stand it. I will pray that God does a big miracle and allows him to be adopted by you. But if God has another plan, I'm sure it will be GOOD.

Holly said...

No advice. Just prayers.
I am thrilled to see how your fundraiser is going. I think there is NO shame in fundraising (although I hate it for myself)...but then again, God has changed my heart in this matter over the last few years.

Angie said...

Like my opinion really matters...:)...but I think it's fine to ask for help with finances. I don't believe everyone is called to adopt, but I do believe everyone is called to help the orphan in some way. And one way is financially! Can't wait until we can see HH's photo! You're not thinking of naming him Beaver...are you?? :)

The Kings said...

I can totally relate to how hard it is to let our needs be known to others. Just wanted to let you know that it is a blessing and a privilege to be a part of your adoption journey!

Rachel said...

Praying, praying, praying friend.
Can't wait to see that little face on your blog!!!!!!!
Hey - the "word verification" to post this comment was "priend"...Hmmmm, a friend who prays for you...priend!! :)
(I think I need coffee)

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

Hi Lori
I'm very new to this blogging world, just wanted to let you know I added your button to my blog.

Blessings to you and your family and i will be keeping your new son and your journey in my prayers.


rarejule said...

Checking in daily now to see your "pot o'gold" grow... and praying for all of you! I have already linked & shared, so now I pray.

Patty said...

LOL, I think you did just fine. I don't see anything that can get you in trouble! But man I'm with you on the asking people to help financially.......sooooo don't like that BUT it IS a way that others can help and maybe that's exactly what God wants them to be doing in our situations! Praying for our boys with you!!

Tiffany said...

Oh, I will be praying. I can't imagine the heartbreak you are feeling. Ugh.

Sam-Is-Mad said...

Just a thought - after HH is adopted, you may be abe to bring over QQ on a study visa, if you were his "sponsers" etc. I'm not exactly sure how it would work (being in another country and all) but I'm fairly certain it can be done.

Praying for you all!

Missy said...

I don't know if it will help you, but I have followed the blog of a family who adopted an older girl only to find out that she had two brothers being left behind (one who was her twin!) As I understand it, the oldest boy had also aged out. I'm not sure how they managed it and it took about a year, but they brought both boys home to their family. If you are interested, email me and I will send you their blog link.

Missy Wenzl (who DESPERATELY wants to adopt again!)

Jean said...

Praying for your journey and what it will entail! never a dull moment with our God!!

Thanks for filing us in on your guy! Can't wait to see a pic of this handsome dude! Now I sound like I'm from the 1970's- hey wait I am- I was in HS then- we had dudes and hunks back then!!

FYI- I'm wantin that ipad! My kids would think I was so cool if I had that!!

Adeye said...

Oh my word, friend, I simply cannot even stand the thought of that sweet boy staying behind. If it breaks my heart,I can only imagine how yours is aching! I know that if there is a way, the Father will show you. His ways are so amazing.

What a wonderful adventure He has you on once again.

Love you, dear friend.

Holly said...

So excited for you and your sweet boy! My Jacob is 11. Such a great age. : )

connie said...

Thank you for sharing what you can! And as for asking for funds...it is sooo hard, but it is one way that God blesses the giver so ask away, my friend!!!!

Kelly said...

I wish there was no such thing as aging out. It does sound though that your new son's older brother may be able to keep in touch through the chinese version of facebook, so that might help until they are adults and can reconnect. I am praying for your family because I can only imagine how hard it is to think about the one left behind.

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