Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh the drama {but first a special date}

CRAZY DAY yesterday.

It ended in a trip to the ER
for Ms. Medical Drama.

More on that later.

But first,
Macy's friend, James, who has only been in America
for about five weeks now,
was visiting in our area with his new family.
SO, of course we got these two sweet kids together for lunch.

And it looked alarmingly like a date.
Snap out of it, you two!

They sat and talked for 2.5 hours!
And I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know James' parents.
We had a super fun time!
They are a wonderful family!!
These are two great kids, I'm tellin' ya!

Aren't they cute?
It was such fun and I kid you not,
Macy was fast asleep within five minutes after we got into
the car to go home.
The girl ain't used to talkin' that much!


Ok, so after our lunch date we headed back to
pick Lucy up from my friend Angela's house.

Lucy was worn slick from a ridiculous amount of play
time with her guy-pal, Michaiah.

There was some major monkey bar business going on.

I was trying to lure her up off the floor to go home...
casually lifting her up as I held onto her hands...
*some of you may envision what came next*
and within seconds she was howling in pain, saying
that I hurt her arm.

Honest to goodness,
I was rewinding time in my head trying to figure out what I had just done
because there was absolutely no jerking involved,
she hadn't resisted me pulling her up or anything.
I was baffled.
I wondered if she was simply mega tired and was being well,
She screamed all the way home.
I knew something wasn't right.
But I also know how this girl is with pain.
Which makes it extremely difficult assess any injury or sickness.

VERY long story, short.
We spent too much time at our doctor's urgent care center
for them to end up sending us to Children's Mercy.
Not thrilled about that.
But it was truly for the best.
Since xrays didn't show anything, the doctor
examined her and quick as a flash, twisted her arm...
and was totally back to normal, and so was she
(minus a brief blood-curdling scream).

My gracious.
For HOURS this precious pumpkin was in horrible pain.
Her drama was appropriate, as it turned out.
And once the doctor did his thing...
she was up and playing and laughing as usual. many of you have probably know from experience...
no more picking her up like that!
Now she's really susceptible to this happening again.

Seriously, I really have raised two children almost to adulthood
and really do know what I'm doing much of the time.
*I think I'm going to get a t-shirt that says that*

All in all,
I came to one conclusion after last night.

There's no doubt in my mind that I will only be
getting ONE grandbaby out of this child someday.


Jean said...

Oh My- so this was for real- poor dear- ouch! Thank goodness it was easy to put back into place!

Yes I think you are right- one grandchild is the most you'll get from that cutey patuty!

Love the pics of Macy and James! They are adorable together! So glad they could reconnect!

Joy said...

I'm sorry Lucy hurt her arm. Allison has nursemaids elbow too. From now on, be very careful with that arm because it will be easier for that to happen. We remind Allison when she goes to play with other kids not to let them pull on her arm. There is a way YOU can fix it without taking her to the ER. Ask the pediatrician or nurse to show you.

And yes, it did look like a date with Macy and James. :-)

Joy said...

oops, I see that you know it can happen again. Sorry, reading in a hurry! :-)

Kim said...


The pictures of Macy and James are precious....the huge grins on their faces just make me smile.
:-). I think it is so wonderful that they were able to get together....oh how I hope my boys can re-connect with their friends.

PS. It does look kind of like a date....a date that was going really well...LOL.


Doug said...

Macy and James DO look like quite the couple. Hee.

I've tried to get Zane to talk (via Skype) with a young lady from his orphanage before and he just sits there quiet as a little church mouse.

The boy is majorly bashful.

Tesseraemum said...

Ok, so James is really cute! It might be time to lock Macy up! OR, at the very least send her brothers on dates with her!
Poor little Lucy! Don't you love how guilty you feel when you think they are just over-reacting and it turns out they are really hurt :( Sheri

Sally-Girl! said...

Yes, this happened to Lauren when she was about 3. we were walking holding hands at Disneyland. She was tired and decided to plop down while still holding my hand and out went her elbow. her little arm flopped around and she screamed until we accidentally were able to pop it back in on the way to the ER. So back to Disneyland we went after talking to a triage nurse who told us how prone she would be to it for about 5 years.

I cringed whenever I see people picking up their kids by their hands or swinging them for fun. Once it happens to you, you will cringe too!

Poor Lucy!

Adorable James and Macy! I hope they can maintain their friendship. It sounds far enough away to be safe and close enough for whatever happens LATER like in their 20's!!! :-)

Lyn said...

Been there, done that too. $200.00 and 2 minutes later, the doctor popped it back into place!


julie said...

I too, have a daughter that experienced "nurse maid's elbow", she was 3 at the time. Our emergency room visit was a little more exciting though, apparently they suspected abuse and took me into one room and my husband into another and questioned us for a long time. Obviuosly, we told the same story and were awarded our daughter back! ;-)

I love the pics of Macy and "her date"....too, cute!

Beth said...

You may get more than one grandchild from Lucy, if she adopts. Although "paperwork pain" may be the same as "physical pain"! Hehehe!


Holly said...

Yep, Josh always had that happening. Scott learned how to fix it himself. I was so happy when he outgrew it!

Anonymous said...

My son hurt his arm and we took him to the er, they took xrays and said he was fine and sent us home. The next morning he still wasn't using it at all and just held it close to him so I took him to our family dr and told him it had been xrayed and they said it wasn't broke so he said oh it's nurse maid elbow and preceded to fix it. My son cried and screamed so the dr. stopped and said this child's arm IS broke. He did his own xrays and called the er and blessed them out because he had hurt him unneccesarily then sent us to the orthopedist for a cast. And that's my nursemaid elbow NOT story!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Lori, you're totally THAT mom who says, "You two youngsters, just pretend I'm not even here.... *snaps pictures*". hahahaha. On a more "serious" note, they make a reeeeally cute couple. She adorable, he's adorable. Really.....
And Lucy....doesn't that just make you feel GREAT? ;)

GG said...

Lori -- I did the same thing one time to my oldest son when he was 18-24 mos or so... swung him up the stairs (like we always did) and ** whoops ** arm came right outta the socket... the ped. Dr. had to pop it back in.
The KID didn't seem to feel anything, but the parents sure were upset!!

Needless to say: have not swung my kids by the arm(s) since then. OUCH!

Cari said...

Great pics of Macy and James. Looks like they really had a good time.

Poor Lucy and you! My-oh-My! It's being a parent fun. :)

Debby said...

Cute pics of Macy & James...they ARE cute together.....

Cut the may have raised 2 kids through this age, but they were not Asians. Our PED told me that Asians have the loosest of joints & are the most susceptible to having their arms, ect, pop out of the socket......not much comfort now, but now you know.

Karin said...

Macy and James...lookin' really cute together... I'm just sayin' :)

Lucy girl...Oh my word!! I cracked up at your comment about only getting one grandbaby out of her. hahaha Glad the little bug is okay and seriously, couldn't your regular dr. have popped her arm socket back in?! For pete's sake!

Anonymous said...

This happened with my little girl when she was about 2. Took her to the ER, scared me to death, I thought they would call social services on me! I still cringe every time I see people pick up their kids like that or swing them by the arms.

Janet said...

How wonderful tha Macy could get together with her friend!
The arm---yep, 2 of my kids had it. With Emmi, it happened so frequently the Pediatrician got tired of seeing us and showed me how to pop it back in.

Kristi said...

oh nursemaids elbow - I coach gymnastics & know all about it....have unfortunately seen it many times, have been to several clinics talking about it but when my sweet baby had it I swore up & down that she had dislocated something...elbow, shoulder, wrist? Nope, the ER was nice enough to inform me "nursemaids elbow" that had already fixed itself - but he wasn't nice enough to wave the $500 *gulp* fee.

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