Thursday, July 29, 2010

shree waters please

Yesterday we had ANOTHER fabulous lunch date with
a dear friend!!

My sweet friend Teanne and her husband waited 4+
LONG years to get their precious girly!!
And let me tell you,
their entire story of it all is nothing short of
God's fingerprints are ALL over this adoption,
from beginning to end.

Aren't our girls darling?!

Ok but here's absolutely funniest thing that happened
at the restaurant yesterday.

I hope I can convey just how hilarious this was so here goes...

We were ordering our drinks while Teanne was in
the restroom.

The girls and I just wanted water so the waiter
(he was clearly Chinese)

"OK, I'll be right back with shree waters."

Macy looked at me and said,

"SHREE???.....Oh, he must not be from around here."

OK seriously, I nearly fell on the floor laughing.


Janet and Kevin said...

Oh how funny! I can just imagine how it tickled you!

Janet and gang

Cari said...

that's hilarious that she picked up on that! lol

Karin said...

I was already laughing at the first mention of 'shree' but oh my goodness...that is hysterical that Macy noticed. :)

quilt-n-mama said...

oh my goodness, that is too funny!Macy is a hoot!
Glad you had a fun lunch date again!

Chad and Kristy said...

Ok, I am sitting in my desk at work laughing my head. The office ladies are looking at me a little crazy:) That is to funny!

Jean said...

Oh my- I love it!! We have been commenting on how our two girls count - one, two, shree!!

It is so cute- we all giggle!! I love how Macy was the one to comment!

Beautiful pic of the girls!! That baby is too cute!! You tell your friend- she was worth the wait!!

JR said...

OMG - that is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!

Madeleine said...


Kind of like my mom who still has her hispanic accent, telling me that her friend needs to get her act together and work on HER accent. lol!! Priceless.

And it may be just me, but the look on Macy;s face is really starting to change. She doesn't have that semi-fearful/overly shy look. Not that she looks like she is ready for Hollywood. :P but maybe, just maybe she starting to feel like this is home.


And the date??? <3 I love it!! They look WAY TOO natural together. And the one with the 2 of them smiling??? Man, it looks like you couldn't slap the smile off of their faces if you tried!! Not that you would try. lol.

And poor Lucy bug. It's always a bummer when our kids are in pain and we don;t know for sure. I'm gad she is 'back together'. And it's a good thing you have other kids to supply you with grandbabies. lol.

LedaP said...

Oh my so funny!

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