Monday, July 26, 2010

little miss tornado

This evening Lucy and I took a scooter ride down
our drive-way.

This was what we saw lurking in the horizon...

Beautiful isn't it?
*Though pictures don't do it justice*

But behind me was where the real storm was

Little Miss Tornado didn't like that I had
scooted so far ahead of her.


Some might say she's a tad controlling.
Like her mother.
Did I just admit that out loud?


Karin said...

Bahahaha...she cracks me up! Cool pics, too.

BTW, I am SURE you're not controlling. hee!

Shonni said...

So funny!!!!
My goodness!
And the cloud pictures are great! I love cloud pictures.

Patty said...

Yeah umm, isn't it so funny how God gave us these little Fu monsters....I mean angels.....Not to teach us anything about our own controlling habits or anything. I'm sure that's not it at all. I'm just sayin'....

Tiffany said...

She is so funny! And I am so glad that someone else takes photos of their kids tantrums.

Hezra said...

ahh, so picturesque. all of it. lol

Holly said...

It's GOOD to have strong willed kids I always say. When they decide to choose RIGHT, they will not waver. I know that from experience. : )

Sally-Girl! said...

That was just the laugh I needed before bed tonight!! Lucy is so stinkin cute and so is her mama's blog!!

Madeleine said...


Holy Pete!

How long is that thing? Can one train on it because it goes on and on and on??

Okay, back to the pics. I am always amazed when ever I see pictures of landscapes that go on forever.

*grass is greener* * grass is greener*

Okay, I am content with where I live now. :P

ANd Lucy?? It is starting to dawn on me that our daughters may have had/have the same parents, for they have the same reactions to life.

Now do I mean bio or adoptive?

I will leave that to the imagination.


The Kings said...

Your descriptions of Lucy and this picture make me think she must be a lot like my youngest. Just love these feisty little ones!!

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