Wednesday, May 19, 2010

lucy burrito {egg roll}

Last night Nick wanted to make a burrito.

A Lucy burrito.

Or perhaps it was more of an egg roll.

Whatever it was,
she was NOT happy about it.

And in the all too common dramatic-Lucy fashion,
she made sure we all knew her unhappiness
about this appitizer-ish activity.

How dare he??!!

Then Nick showed her how it's done.
And all the *fun* to be had.

She wasn't all that convinced.


Karin said...

She is so funny. I recognize that dramatic, "I don't like this so I'm going to scream and cry" look. Unfortunately.

Cari said...

funny...same sort of things happen at my house, too! :)

Jean said...

Oh yes- we have the same drama here at our house! Personally I think a Lucy burrito sound delicious and cuddly!

Oh and a Nick burrito- yummy!! Ya know ya'll might have to give him a bunch of kisses when he's like that!!

Tiffany said...

Oh man, my girls LOVE being burritos (we have to be burritos because Mama loves Mexican food much more than Chinese). Lucy just needs to come over & see how much fun it is! Gotta love the sibling pestering.

*Overflowing* said...

Toooo funny! Our Cana loves to sleep wrapped up like a soothes her.

Tesseraemum said...

Too funny! My 10 yr old would have nothing to do with being wrapped up or squeezed tight. Still doesn't! She must do the squeezing! Not sure if its a girl thing but my son loves to be a burrito! He is home with an ear infection today and he is in his cocoon on the couch right now!! Sheri

Lacy said...

Oh My Lori! I love it. We do that to Katie too. She loves it only when it's her idea! I think Katie and Lucy must have went to the same Diva training course. LOL!

I am going to update my blog soon with pictures of Katie in her new braided and beaded hair do. Which has brought out the inner diva in my girl.

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