Monday, May 17, 2010

white box mystery {solved}

I'm so very sorry to have let you linger in the mystery
of my last post.
It truly wasn't my intent to leave you hanging like that.

Or was it?


Some of your guesses made me laugh.

Are swim suits really that scary?


But the white box was in fact....a dissection kit.


To end a successful year of biology.

Here is how we spent our Monday evening:

A worm.

A crayfish.

A frog.

A fish.

Ewww, ewww, ewww.

I can't tell you how very happy I was that the principal
stepped in to take on this task.

He was squeemish-less.
He actually knew parts.
He knew how to work a scalpel like nobody's business.

Ummm, why aren't I living the life of a doctor's wife right now?

Perhaps it's not too late if I enroll him in med school
next fall.

I digress.

Nick is determined more than ever to pursue his
career in golfing.

And we have officially fulfilled our labs for this year
of homeschooling.


**Just so you know, I spared you the detailed pics.**
You're welcome.

Now I'll leave you with a love photo of my girls
who watched with wide eyes the entire dissection process.
They were much braver than I was,
I'll tell ya that right now.


Nancy said...

I'm with you eww, eww, or eww. Your girls look beauiful in that picture. You must be very proud of your family.

Karin said...

Awww...I love the picture of your girls. So sweet!!

As for the dissecting...the look on K-mans face in that one shot is priceless. OMGosh...too funny! We dissected cats in high school. I actually found it quite interesting but the smell...ugh. (And I don't like cats, so that was not a problem for me. hee)

Holly said...

Oh, GOOD!! I'm glad that's all that was. :) And double glad that the principal helped you throught that one! I love the picture of your beautiful girls too. How's Macy been doing since your trip?

Martha said...

Ahhhh good - now that is over - time to celebrate! I thought the box looked educational in nature but gave up on specimens because I thought you had already done the labs. Well congratulations it is now just a memory, with photos to prove that it happened. Happy Summer!

Jill said...

Um, EWWWW. Now, on to some wine perhaps?

Kathy said...

Beautiful picture of the girls!

Ewwww.... what am I getting
myself into with homeschooling?!

Robin said...

Ewwww! I still cringe at the memory of the things I had to dissect in high school. Yuck!

Wife of the Pres. said...

Ewwww … I think we'll sign up for the co-op for the dissections. I did not enjoy those in high school myself.

I could see this task being left for our principal *the Prez* to handle as well. yep.

I love the photo of the girls too. They look not sure about it all.

Karen said...

Ewww, ewww, ewwww!!! You mean to tell me those dead things were on your bookshelf? I'm with Wife of the Pres, I think we're signing up for the co op for dissections. It creeped me out in high school and it's creeping me out now. Ewww gross! I don't want those dead things in my house!:-) Okay, now I've got that out of my system:-) Interesting pictures. I love the one with the fish. I can't believe the girls stayed and watched. Great picture of them.

connie said...

In the words of Kambry, "Ewww, nanny (nasty)" Ick, ick, ick.
I do love the picture of your girls!
Whew, that's done :)

Madeleine said...


I couldn't do it. And my husband would have passed out at the sight of the box, much less opened one.

I found a few friends who felt like I did, and we hired a college biology professor to do it for us!!!

Go me. LOL.

I couldn't do it.

The girls? ADORABLE!!

Will they be able to skip this since they saw it??

I didn't think so, but it would have been nice.

Chad and Kristy said...

LOL, I always ask Chad... "are you sure you don't want to go to med school??" He has the smarts too but his love is for English! Just as well, I do broke so well:)

Janet said...

Ewww! SOOO glad there was a children's science museum near us that allowed us to pay them for disection class!!

Adeye said...

Holy cow---that is sooooooo NOT my thing either!!!! Yuck! That is absolutely when I call for reinforcements.....DADDY.

So proud of you for at least staying in the same are a WAY better homeschooling mommy than me, friend.

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