Wednesday, May 19, 2010

and he continues to wait...

Look at this darling girl!!

My friend Leah and her husband just adopted her.
Her name is Abbey
and she is one of Macy's friends.
We simply can't wait to see these two girls reunited!

This picture was taken when they visited the orphanage
after their adoption was finalized last week.
But what I'd really like you to take notice of is
the sweet boy in the background.

He is the only older child, out of 30+ kids in the Journey of Hope Project,
that still doesn't have a family coming for him.

He has heard nearly all his friends receive news of
a family coming for them.

He's watched so many other kids eagerly open care packages.

And, as you see in the picture above,
he's witnessed child after child walk out of the orphanage,
once and for all,
with their forever families.

And he continues to wait.

Older child adoption isn't easy.
Sometimes, it's downright HARD.

But really,
is it fair that any of us should have it easy
when this boy just wants a home to call his own?

If you feel God possibly calling you to adopt this boy,
please email me or contact WACAP.

And I would love it if all of you would join me
in praying for him!

After much prayer, it turns out that WE are
this sweet boy boy's family!


Karin said...

Oh my heart...he looks so forlorn. Praying that he gets a family.

Cari said...

oh my heart breaks for him. i hope he finds his forever family very soon...

Jean said...

That is down right upsetting? Please Lord help this dear boy find his forever family...

Praying for him...

Sally-Girl! said...

Breaks my heart!!!! Prayers sent!!!

Kathy said...

That just breaks my heart.
Praying for him to have a family.

Madeleine said...

I can't begin to tell you how delightful it would be to bring him home. We have been praying for the funds to do this again.

Right now, we just can't seem to...but we will continue to pray.

Whether it is us who get him or the family who gets him, our prayers are for his precious, lonely and yet hopeful heart

*Overflowing* said...

Lori, this just breaks my heart!! I will be praying specifically for this sweet one!!

Chris said...

Yeah, I will be praying too, he looks too much like my little guy.

Holly said...

Almost unbearable...but I just know God's got someone for him! Praying with you!

Sharla said...

What a blessing that Macy will get to see her friend! How heartbreaking about the older boy who continues to wait... You're so right, older child adoption can be hard, but it is SO worth it!! The blessings far outweigh the burdens!!

Just wanted to say 'hi' too... I've been out of touch far too long!! I LOVE your new blog look!!

LedaP said...

That is so very sad. If you hear that he's been placed, please let us know because that is really just heartbreaking. Do you know what his special need is?

Girly Girl Mommy said...

I love your update :)

He'll wait no more!

Praise God and prayers for your family and for your newest son.


Susan A said...

Hello Lori, loved the pictures of your husband and daughters going to the dance :) I saw this picture on the bottom of your post about your son looking alone in the background and it reminded me of something that I wanted to share with you. I didn't share with you because I thought perhaps it's not my place and maybe my input might be unwelcome (like, not helpful). But after I saw the picture and clicked and came here to your post, I thought I'd go ahead and share :)

I was thinking that perhaps you (if you haven't already, forgive me if you have, or forgive me if it is out of place), could take this picture of your son looking alone and forlorn in the background and make picture book explaining the reason why your family adopted him, in a story-telling kind of way, how they saw him being alone in the picture, how they gathered around to pray for him, for his happiness, how they thought he had NO one, NO family, and how they were so happy to have him... hopefully it might help him see from your side and love you for what you all are doing for him, and that you all still welcome him as their own, for him to be happy, belong, and still free for him to return back to China if he wants.

I really, really hope you don't mind me sharing this. I love how you are doing for your children and I want them to appreciate you, and it seems the only way is to show in pictures and kinda play/act it out, the events to your taking him (while being unaware of WACAP).

YHWH bless you, and forgive me if it is out of my place to share this. You don't have to publish this comment in your post from May 19, 2010.

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