Monday, March 29, 2010

what's your favorite?

I would really love to know what your favorite
Beth Moore study is.

I haven't done them all (yet) but my favorite so far, I think,
would be Daniel.

Wow, if you want to learn to understand the signs of the times,
this study is a must.
If you are looking for something really in-depth to do in your women's group...
I highly recommend this one, especially now.
It will open your eyes, big time, to what's going on around us.

I'm currently finishing up Living Beyond Yourself, which is
available online. I love doing it at my own pace at home...
but I sure do miss my favorite Bible study buddies!
But it's a great study on the Fruit of the Spirit.

And that's why I'm asking YOU what study you like best.
I'm hoping to do a study this summer at our church and would love your recommendation.
Though, they're ALL good, I know!

So, let me hear from you...give me your favorite one...or two.


Madeleine said...

A Woman's Heart! We just finished this before we went to China, and it was so fascinating.

In fact it was so good, that I wanted to do it again when we finished, just to go back and review and remember.

There is just so much more then meets the eye when it comes to GOD.

As we know... :)

Janet and Kevin said...

I love the Daniel study too. Very relevant to these times!

Several years ago I did Beloved Disciple about the life of John. Very good.

Janet and gang

Stefanie said...

It's totally old school.. but my VERY favorite Bible study is Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. LOVE it. I've done it twice and each time He has used it to reveal AMAZING things to me!
P.S. If you get it, be sure to get the workbook version, not the hardback... gotta have somewhere to take notes!

Tracy said...

Picking a favorite Beth Moore study to me would be like sticking a child in a candy store and saying pick out your cant be done(atleast not with me) : ) I love, love, love, her studys. In fact a friend of mine and myself were just talking in church yesterday morning about how much we enjoy her studys. I think the thing I love the most is that she has such an ability to bring the scripture to life for me. I GET IT! Sometimes scripture can be so difficult to understand but she makes it so easy, and then it just sticks with you.
I would recommend you just DO THEM ALL! hee, hee.

Rachel said...

I loved The Patriarchs. (I'm sure it has nothing to do w/ the fact that I was able to attend the session tapings!) Honestly - it is my favorite.

Holly said...

I've only done one, and it was great. The faith one. I can't remember the exact title. I want to do them all!

Chris said...

I am doing The Patriarchs right now. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I would be hard press to find a favorite Beth Moore...I love them all!

I have also done Experiencing God...twice. I am with is a wonderful Bible Study!!

Cate said...

I can tell you Beth's favorite is Breaking Free. I asked her once. She's doing a pretty cool one online now on Wisdom.

Cate said...
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Karin said...

I agree with Stefani...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Experiencing God" by Henry Blackaby (and the 365 Day Devotional is awesome). Beth two favorites are the ones on Paul and David. I think the David one was "A Heart Like His." I can't remember the name of the one about Paul. I haven't done Daniel yet--I'll have to try to do that one. :)

Sally- That Girl! said...

If Robert answered this for me he of course would say Dr Laura's The Care and Proper Feeding of Your Husband. But since he is not, I will say that I loved Daniel and LIving Beyond YOurself by Beth Moore.

But I am now onto Experiencing God, can't wait to start!

Cari said...

I haven't done a specific bible study in quite awhile, because early last year I set a goal to read through the entire bible at whatever pace. I am now reading in John (yes...I started with the OT first...don't even go there!). :)

But what has been really cool, is throughout our adoption journeys and seeking God's will regarding them, He has spoken specifically from wherever I was in my reading! How did He know what book I would be in at that particular time?! That's why He's God and I'm so NOT! lol

Elissa said...

I've only done two Beth Moore's because I've been doing BSF for the past 5 years and it's hard to manage both, but I'm doing Breaking Free right now and it is INCREDIBLE!!!

Sharla said...

I LOVED Breaking Free!! But if you're looking for something different, Community Bible Study makes some of their studies available in a condensed version...

I've been doing these studies for 11 years and they are amazing... It's straight from God's Word, just you and the Holy Spirit as your teacher and then you get together and discuss them. The link to their website is

Happy Easter!

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