Sunday, March 28, 2010

homegrown identity theft

For those of you who were hanging around Facebook
Saturday evening around 5 PM,
you know doubt got to play a real-time part in
the hacking that took place on my profile.

Let me back up.
I had decided to take a quick trip to WalMart, all by myself.
Did you know that WM lets you into their store without children?
They sure do.
I don't think I was aware of that before yesterday.
It was a super sweet visit.
I even bought a scented candle...just because.
*Although, turns out that the candle smells like syrup, which wasn't exactly what I was going for.

I was walking back to my van and got a text message
from my friend Martha (who always has my back).
She said,
"Have you checked your FB lately?"

it put me into sheer panic.
I kid you not, I seriously thought that my political posts
had Obama on my trail.

Oh, if only!
{I could take him, I know I could}

I was shaking like a leaf
as I dialed my phone to call home to have Kelly check
it right away.

Well, his reaction immediately sent a red flag.
Someone laughing hysterically at you tends to do that.
I told him to give the phone to Macy,
I wanted to talk to her
(at that moment, I knew she was the only one I could trust).
he wouldn't do it.

Turns out that
my family, with my husband heading up the entire identity theft scam,
posted this to my profile:

"I'm a big fat muffin that likes to eat!"

So nice to know that those who love you most
go to such lengths to show their affection.

Even Macy was laughing hard about it.

Paybacks, baby, paybacks.

*My sincere apologies to the poor woman in the picture.
Bless her heart.
And I hope no one took offense, I'm just reporting the facts
of my average Saturday.
Lucky me.


Karin said...

OMGosh....snort, snort! I am dying laughing.

BRENDAN, right?!?!?!?!! He is so toast once you think of a way to get him back. :) I'll help you.

Joy said...

yes, I saw it! It was just awful! :-)

Michele said...

Ok, I am crying actual tears. That is the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time. What got me the most was your sincere apology to the woman in the picture! Followed by the "bless her heart" bwahahahahahhahahahha. Whew. That was good stuff.

Hezra said...

oh my word, laighing so hard and trying NOT to wake up kids! THANKS. I shoulda checked this in the daytime! Meanwhile... I hate to judge you, but blonde is not your color, honey. And cropped tops are SO 80s. lol And um, I might not let Lucy near the camera while I was buttoning my pants if I were you. lol And for the love of Pete do NOT LET YOUR BOYS NEAR YOUR FB!!!!

Martha said...

Yes, we moms have to stick together, it was my duty, I tell you, to get you notified of the post, ASAP. I never thought that my text could put you in a state of panic - did you see any black SUV's with tinted windows closely following you home? LOL

Anyhoo - what a great laugh it brought to many yesterday. There is way too much time on the hands some certain people in your home. I guess all the math, science, history, and the like, must have been completed? Perhaps they were working on a computer science credit? Think of the fun they had - it is hilarious! And you are lucky - let's go with blessed, woman!!!

connie said...

Oh my word, I'm laughing so hard! You're such a good sport, and I hope the gal in the picture is too - lol!

Debby said...

What?? You are on FB?? I just got there myself a few weeks ago. I don't have your last name, so friend request me sometime:

Debby Baugher


Chris said...

Oh, this is so funny!!!

Had me laughing out loud!!!

BTW, I am sure you could take on Obama!!!

Chris said...

Bummer! What is it my computer or is it blogger? I can't see anyone's pictures!!Just not as funny w/o.

Chris said...

I got to see the bottom picture...Oh my goodness, I hope the perpetrators have much extra work today!!!I'm sure the toilets need scrubbing

Don't you know better than letting your password lying around?

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

boy never a dull moment in your house!!! ha

Cari said...

Oh my lands! I saw what he wrote, but never saw the pictures until now!!! I'm sitting here with my computer in the dark {because my hubby is already sleeping} and was not prepared for that photo...haha!

I'm trying so hard not to laugh out loud but I'm just making the bed shake...oops he just rolled over I better go! hehe...blahaha...hehe

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