Tuesday, March 2, 2010

how to fold a fitted sheet {a lost art}

Well, I'm not really sure why I'm going to tell you
this little story,
because I'm sure it's only amusing to me.

you get what you pay for.

And even though what I'm about to tell you happened
over 25 years ago,
I honestly think of it almost every single
time I change the sheets on my bed.


When I was 14/15 years old, I babysat a lot
AND cleaned houses for a couple
of people to make money until I was old
enough to get a real job.

One of the houses I cleaned was for a little old man.
He was old.
I mean, really old.
And smoked like a chimney.
And met up with his old-man buddies daily
at the local pharmacy to sit and chat..
and smoke.
At the pharmacy.
Boy, we've come a long way, baby.

none of that really has to do with my story,
I'm just paintin' a picture for you.

I always did a couple of loads of laundry
for Fred while I was cleaning his
little home.

I would strip the bed,
throw the sheets in the laundry
and put on fresh ones.

Then, by the time I was done cleaning the house,
the sheets would be ready to be folded
and put in the linen closet.

Riveting, I know.

But one day when I was getting ready to leave,
Fred had a question about the sheets.
As I recall, he even called me over to the closet
to show me what he was talking about.

He asked me bluntly,
"Don't you know how to fold a fitted sheet?"

As I starred at the wad that I had just stuffed on the shelf,
I was perplexed and since I really had no defensive
answer, I simply said,

He happily told me that when his sisters came to visit
next they would show me how to fold a fitted sheet

That's just what every 14ish year old girl dreams of.

sure enough the sisters came for a visit and they
taught me how to fold a fitted sheet...

Honest to goodness,
I was amazed at how extremely flat
that mysterious bed covering became.

I kid you not,
it was basically a magic act.

I was thrilled, truly.
It was a life lesson that not every girl has
the chance to learn.

to this very day,
I can't remember, for the life of me,
how to do it.
At least not the way Fred's sisters taught me.
And I'm pretty sure they're dead now.
Or around 115 years old.

That's my little story.


Karin said...

Aw, man....here I thought you were about to teach me (because I have no idea either and mine pretty much look like a wad).

Hezra said...

i can maybe do a video and show you youtube style. Mine are probably NOT the perfectly flat style of 115 year old ladies. but they are pretty darn good.

Debby said...

My top sheet gets folded, but my fitted sheet is pretty much a mess & then I put everything into the pillowcase....otherwise I lose complete sheet sets......

Joy said...

Just nest each corner into the corresponding corner as you fold it. :-)

Nancy said...

Shoot. I thought you were going to tell me how to fold the sheet. Nesting corners never seems to work for me.

julie said...

Funny you should post this today. Just a little earlier I was attempting to fold one of those darn things...and of course, I finally gave up and just rolled it into a neat little ball! The wrinkles usually come out when you stretch it on the mattress. :o)

Chad and Kristy said...

There are directions on Martha Stewarts website:) I was never good at following direction so mine are a mess too! I like the idea of putting it all inside the pillow case... I may try that next time:)

Chris said...

Would you make a video? Maybe my laundry maid would watch it and learn (DS Ben) his usually look like wads and when I show him his eyes glaze over....

Sally- That Girl! said...

How funny....I used to clean houses while in high school as well to make a little extra money. I now think "what were those people thinking hiring a 15 year old to clean their house?!?!?" I thought I was doing a good job, but heck I can barely do a better job now and that is not saying much!!!

Never needed to fold a fitted sheet as all of us only have one set of sheets. They get washed and put back on the same day!

Lacy said...

I love your story:)

I saw Martha Stewart fold one on her show years ago. I heart Martha. LOL! I can't do it either. Off to youtube "how to fold a fitted sheet". What an exciting life I lead.

Holly said...

I wonder how many people out there actually know how to fold a fitted sheet...My mom can kind of do it well. She has taught me a few times, but then she leaves, and I can never do it quite like her. And mine are great big wads. ;) I will have to go check out that Martha Stewart video too now!

Tesseraemum said...

My mom used to be able to do it. Sadly, now I am the one who folds her sheets too. I think it really bugs her I really didn't do it "right" when she "tried" to teach me and just did it herself and now I am the one folding her sheets and they are wadded up! Huh, some kind of lesson in there somewhere!

Jean said...

I was once taught how to fold a fitted sheet too But I forgot how!

My Mom was a resident at the care center and one of the aids knew how to do it. My Mom was amazed and made me sit and watch them do it so I could learn too. My Mom was 83 at the time and I was 49. I was amazed at how they could do it but didn't commit any of it to memory!

Yes- it may be a lost art!

Chrissy said...

You know, now I will think of you and Fred and his sisters every time I make a bed or fold sheets.

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