Sunday, February 28, 2010


As of last night....
basketball is officially OVER.

Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you!

We took 3rd place in the state tournament.
Not bad.

But boy oh boy are my kids ready for golf.

I absolutely love this sport.
No, I don't play...I never have, actually.
I just love how it's packed with life-lessons AND is a
life-long sport.

I love the dress-code, I love that there is so much etiquette involved,
I love that being honest is an absolute MUST,
and I love, like crazy, to drive a golf cart.

Ok wait...this isn't about me.

Nick has been itching to get out...if this pesky snow would go away!

Here he is in our barn with his new net.

His drive is SO explosive and loud when it hits the net...

that it scared the socks off of Lucy-bug!

And looky here...
Macy is also VERY intrigued!
Papa has started her lessons already...
right there in the family room.
And it turns out that she's got some talent!
Sorry, this was taken from my phone so it's not such a great pic.

It seems like you are either an avid golfer,
or you think it's a ridiculous game.

I gotta tell ya...
I love this ladies' and gentlemen's sport.

Let your kids give it a try!
I can almost guarantee you will like the results.

Oh, but it will drain your bank account.
Just so you know.


Karin said...

It looks like fun! My dad and brothers love to golf. I used to join them now and then. Back in the day, only rich people had carts, so we had to walk. :) I kinda wish my hubby would play and I could be his little sidekick. I could use the exercise. :)

Can't wait to see if Macy decides to take up the sport!

Nancy said...

AND my father-in-law who is 91 still loves to golf with "his sons" on Father's Day.

Jean said...

I love golf, too!! I don't play but hubby and a couple sons do- I love the etiquette!!

You have a barn? I am jealous! I wish I had a barn! Not sure what I would put in it but I still want one!

Great pic of Macy! Way to sneak it in!!

Holly said...

That picture of Lucy is priceless! And I love it that Macy wants to give it a try. Our Cassandra played quite a bit of golf. She loves it. We just do not love how much it costs. :(

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh Kevvie insists that Macy plays!!! Girls have such a good chance of getting scholarships if they are any good. This would be awesome for her!!!

I, too have loved the greatest game ever played even though I don't golf! I love that since Kevin was 13 I knew where he was and that he was expected to act as a gentleman.

Kevin is a natural born risk taker. I would hate to think of what could have happened to him had he not had the game that he loves so much!

Which reminds me, Kev was just featured in a golf magazine, a full page. I will try and copy the page and send it to Nick.

Here's to birdies and eagles!!!

Leah said...

Oh poor Lucy! What the big kids put them through! Sydney spent all day watching Ash play basketball and all day Sunday watching Sarah play volleyball.
You got sneaky with Macy, haha. A moms gotta do what a moms gotta do.

connie said...

What great family times! And Macy is learning too - I love that! I've been dying for Kuyler to teach Kolton, Kenzie and Kooper how to play guitar.
Ummm, I'm not going to show Clayton pix of your barn - it would leave him drooling :) We're hoping a few more sweet corn seasons under our belt will reap one of those - lol!

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