Wednesday, March 3, 2010

crazy golf pants

Now that golf season is here,
Nick has been busy planning his game.
He goes out to the barn
and hits into his net for hours.
He putts on his homemade putting green
for even longer.
He even has his private lessons all planned out with
his instructor.

But what really tops it all off,
he has been planning his 2010 golf season wardrobe.

You won't believe it.

But take a look at some of the pants that he REALLY wants to buy...

Ummm, do you think I'm kidding?

No, I am not.

This is just a sample of the pants this avid golfer wants.

much to his chagrin, they are $90.
*Can you believe that there are grown men out there
who would actually pay almost $100 for
these pants??

So, always thinking on his fairway feet,
he turned to me last night
and asked me to MAKE him some.

Now let's just stop right here.
How many of you have ever actually had your teenage
son ask you to sew clothing for him?

And make no mistake,
this kid is ALL MAN.

So you can imagine the excitement when I told him
we would go fabric shopping today.
And I wish I could have captured for you what
Brenden's reaction was to that.

Let's just say that today will be VERY bloggable.
I'll be sure to take my camera.
Don't you worry.

And for those of you who are serious seamstresses,
I may need your help on making
men's pants!
He said absolutely no to the draw-string
and elastic band patterns I found.
He wants the real deal.

These kids!!!

Oh and we have our 6 month post-placement appointment
with our social worker tonight!

Big day, folks.


Martha said...

This - I have GOT to see - definitely blog-worthy.

I have made two tailored suits - many moons ago - I mean MANY moons ago. You can do it! And pictures, lots of pictures of Nick in his new pants.

Madeleine said...

Those pants are PRICELESS!!!

I can't wait to see the one of a kind ones you will create! And who knows, maybe they will come out so fantabulous, Brenden will be jealous enough to want hi sown pair!

Karin said...

Ya know...he might be able to find some at Goodwill..circa 1970's estate sale kind of thing. Seriously.

But the fabric store should be fun. Hint: making pants that fit is very hard. My mom--excellent seamstress--tried it a few times for me and the crotch was always too low and I ended up refusing to wear them. Sigh....

Maybe patterns are better these days and you will have better luck. :)

Lacy said...

I would also check the thrift/vintage stores. My grandpa used to wear polyester pants like those. Gotta love the 70's:) I always loved it.

Debby said...

Will definately be back to check in here later....This should be fun.

I saw some cute "Buggy"...Ladybug / butterfly material the other day........Trying to figure out what we can make out of it...I see a capri set in the makings.

Leah said...

Too funny! I cannot wait to see the material he finds. But hey, you get to make a trip to the fabric store and don't can tell hubby it was because the kids wanted to go. Win win situation. I have never attempted pants, although I have wanted to try some pj pants. Good luck!

Holly said...

Oh my, oh my! Well, he certainly won't blend into the woodwork with those on. I'd say they would definitely have a psychological advantage, or at least blind the other players. : )

Tesseraemum said...

LOVE The pants. I would wear them! Probably not cool for women to wear them though. I had pants in the 80's like that!!

Good luck with the sewing!!!

Teresa said...

These pants were a big hit with a curling team at the Olympic's. These golf pants are all the rage! Looking forward to seeing what fabric he chose.

Hezra said...

thanks, those pants made my migraine return. good luck on shopping for fabric to mimic those. try tylenol before you go out. eh? and as I tell my sons when they wear crazy clothes-- "one day you will want to attract a mate. It is my job to tell you when what you are wearing may inhibit that. Every day is practice toward being attractive"(um and I insert hygenic)

Mandi said...

Oh. My. Word. Those are definitely going to be noticed on the course. I am sure Nick will be the talk of the country club and I don't mean because of his handicap.

I can't wait to see what you whip us.

(BTW, no news yet, we are hoping early next week at the very latest).

Janet and Kevin said...

I can hardly wait to see the pictures from your excursion today! Happy shopping.

Janet and gang (Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah)

Jean said...

I can't believe it has been 6 months that MAcy has been home- wow! t has gone fast!

Oh my - anyone who plays golf against Nick won't be able to focus on the game- they will be focused on his patterned pants!

Looking forward to fabric shopping posts!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

can't wait to see them. Hey make two pairs while you are at it and I will give Kevvie a pair for his going away to college gift!!!

Chris said...

Good luck mate! I made pants for a little boy, but ....yikes.

Make a practice pair out of inexpensive but nice fabric....just in case...could go either way here.

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