Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a day in the life

It's been one of those days that,
you know,
you want to book a flight to
anywhere and have to think long and hard about making
it a round-trip.

it wasn't that bad.
But a getaway somewhere sure does sound nice.

here are a few of the better moments...

Lucy has taken a liken' to eclectic outfits.
And apparently she's quite happy with her selection.

Nick had a sudden urge around lunch time to
express himself through....art??

And wouldn't you know it,
Brenden is quick to rain on his parade by
blowing it down...
from about 15 feet away.

And make note of all Lucy's art work taped to the cabinet
just to the right of Brenden's head.
it's about five layers deep of creative masterpieces.

Also notice that the time-out spot for Lucy's toys
on top of the refrigerator is ummm....

There ya go...
my day.


Karin said...

That was an impressive tower of blocks! Kind of a gravity defying feat. Lucy's outfit...I've seen that before. On SaraGrace! Or at least something very similar. :)

Cari said...

you need to go to your "happy place", Lori...lol! :)

Chris said...

Mom needs a "time out"...Sta*bucks, the mall...go for groceries..BY YOURSELF!

Better days are coming...we actually have some blooming flowers

Holly said...

I know EXACTLY where you can go...Grand Rapids, Michigan! PLEASE???? : ) We could have so much fun!!

Audre said...

I am so glad I'm not the only person who hides toys on top of the fridge. I'm sorry you had a rough day.

I've been a lurker for awhile but just had to comment, you are more than welcome to come to sunny arizona and hang out with us.

Debby said...

That would be a trip WITHOUT children....right? I so know that feeling. Those days feel like such a far cry from Mother Of The Year...but I can tell you, you are NOT alone & by next week (hopefully) all 4 will have done something to endear themselves back to you.

Here's to a better tomorrow......

*Overflowing* said...

Can I join you on your long plane right to somewhere beautiful and quiet?!?!? We had one of those days, too :)

Praise the Lord His mercies are new every morning :)

Madeleine said...


Oh my.

I have had days like that. And hiding in the closet or bathroom looked like a good idea. But now, in hindsight, they were the days I wouldn't have traded for the world.

VERY hindsight.

And a visit to Jersey is always on option. :)

Anonymous said...

I finally had to make a "keep" box. When a new drawing went up, the old one came down & went into the "keep" box. My son considered every stick figure he ever drew super important!!

Martha said...

Ahhhhh - motherhood - it is grand!

Christine said...

My days are similar. Lately, I have found soem free time to be very refreshing. :)

Susan said...

Hang in there! Those days help us appreciate the others!

Jean said...

Well if you do go- don't leave for long or you will be paying big time... like me!

I like the Mommy time out idea! Bubble bath and glass of wine! Then cuddle into bed with a good book!

Good idea, Jean!

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