Thursday, March 25, 2010

hope in Jesus is strong and sure

I couldn't be more outraged at the arrogance of our administration.


Check out this article.

The headline is,

"Obama Dares Republicans to Pursue Repeal of Health Care Law"

Are you kidding me??
He dares basically half the country to defy him.

I can't believe this.
Who does he think he is???

None of this has anything to do with his great concern
over our health.
You're kidding yourself if you think it is.

It's about CONTROL.

I'm thankful that I know the One who really is in control.


No matter how all this turns out (and it's looking quite grim),
our hope in Jesus is strong and sure.

Do YOU have peace and surety of salvation ONLY
found in Jesus?

You can.

It's a free gift for ALL,
no matter who you are or what you've done.

Peace that surpasses all understanding...
can be YOURS.

Click here to find out how to begin your relationship
with Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Love your take on this healtcare thing. While some components of the new plan are good- they are being overshadowed by all the bad stuff that is included and by the behavior of our administration. Go check out some of the ideas of Senator Coburn. Great guy-great ideas and as a practicing physician- he gets it & feels way too many compromises were made. Pam

Janet and Kevin said...

Yep - I agree with you and anonymous. There are some really good things, but then there are the other things and loss of control for our health workers and all Americans.

Thankful that Jesus is Lord!

Janet and gang

Nancy said...

Preach it, sister! If I had wanted to live in a socialist country, I would have moved to one. I, too, am thankful for my Jesus...because otherwise I would be scared spitless by the takeover of our personal right to make our own decisions. Very scary times. Come, Lord Jesus!!!

Hugs...Nancy in CT

Angie said...

Great post, my friend. So true that we can't control all that happens around us, but we can have certainty in our God...and He surely will judge one day. Glad I'm covered by His grace and salvation!

Karin said...

If I wasn't resting in the fact that God is on the throne and IN CONTROL, I would be losing my mind over Obama and his minions getting so much control over the American people.'s all about control. They don't give a rip about giving anyone health care (which is obviously not a good plan since they exempted themselves from it AND voted down an amendment to include everyone under the same plan).

living4him5 said...

Knowing that God is in control has kept me from going crazy with this healthcare mess. AMEN for your post!!!

Amy <><

Marie-Claude from Montreal Canada xxx said...

Love you blog, love of Jesus. I am Canadian, lover of Jesus. As a Christian in Canada we have a totally different take on things. my husband has a great job, I am a stay at home mom. Here is my Christian Canadian part in this. We are considered pretty upper middle class. But if I go out of my driveway, get in my car and drive for 10 minutes, I will get in a part of town where you will see, poor people, a lot. Families struggling to feed their families, families either unemployed or working on very low salaries. That exists everywhere. Our first girl, she is now 12 yo, was often hospitalized, and I often was in there with her. I would see people from every works of life, even people from ''that'' part of town with their children getting the same kind of healthcare that my girl was receiving, and every night I would pray thanking Jesus for all the sick kids. I would bring toys to the little kids that didn't have any and bring food to the parents who didn't have the money to get a meal at the hospital cafeteria. You see, I was thankful to Jesus that they came in the same hospital as us(one of the best in Canada)and get the same medical care as my daughter. We, many of us (parents - I was not the only one) would help for their lunch. When we left, we left with smiles from the healthcare workers, hugs. They had no money saved when they came in, got the same medical care as us. When I left, I was proud and greatful and thankful that all these families received what they were entitled to: healthcare for everybody who ever you are, where ever you come from.

Our social help to Canadians is pretty generous, it is not perfect but it gives every citizen a access to medical care, even if you lost your job. Are there waiting lists for some kind of treatment, yes but you can bet money that the urgent cases, are dealt with priority. My mother died of cancer 2 years ago after battling this cancer for 9 years. My mother-in-law died last december. The first one came from (my mother) had all the money she needed, clothes, cars and a beautiful house and my wonderful father and us kids to help her. My mother-in-law, struggled all her life, trying to find a decent job for her to raise five boys. Low income, a husband who himself was pratically always sick and out of a job. Met hubby 25yo ago, that year his mother had a heart attack. Got all the medical care she needed, free. While struggling at home, she was in the hospital getting a triple by-pass, got back on her feet, got better and kept going on. But in the last 5 years, she was very sick. So my husband and I saw two women, our mothers struggling and praying for their lives, getting the best medical help our province could give. In two different cities, we saw medical workers, tired medical workers, pationate medical workers giving the same care to two different women. Equal chances. I met my darling and loving husband in university. How could he and his 4 brothers offord one of the best universties in the country. Because it was pratically free. $2000/semester. He was entitled to loans for room and board, I was not (obvious - my father could pay, his not). He had equal opportunity for him to get an education. All five of them graduated. Wealthy people pay taxes in Canada, its our way to pay forward for all the good things we have in our life. Now, these five beautiful men, are active, God loving citizens, eternally greatful of what they were given, and by their own little way they pay forward, with some of the taxes we pay - they help the needy to get medical care and almost free schooling.

You see, I pray and worship my Jesus, just as all by bloggers friends, I do not think or feel I loose control. I feel that I am simply doing on a grand scale what my parents taught me to do, help others, give what you have to those who have less. I try every day to pay forward. But mostly I pray Jesus and thank Him every day for the life I have.

Marie-Claude from Montreal

Rachel said...

A and MEN girl! If I thought about the ramifications for so many in my family - immediate & extended, I'd go crazy. Trusting in The One Who doesn't change!
One of Quinn's spelling words was "democracy" - I actually got a little choked up quizzing him! :{

Lori said...

Though I truly appreciate your gracious disagreement, the fact of the matter is this. Americans DO NOT WANT THIS health care. Last I heard, it was almost 75% who oppose it. THAT is about control by our administration. And it's only the beginning.

I'm all about helping the poor. Our government already has a system in place for that. And, as it should be, MANY churches have benevolence programs to help needy families.

Lastly, our government is in severe debt. We can't afford this. Doctors are already bailing. It is going to be a disaster we can't afford.

BUT, since America plays no role in the end times, perhaps this is the beginning of the end for us.

Come Lord Jesus, come!

Tina said...

Oh Lori, I am with you on this. We DO NOT WANT this...whatever happened to "a government for the people by the people?" My husband is a doctor and no doctors at the University he works for supported this bill.(that we know of) The AMA is so whacked they voted for it even though most of the doctors DID not agree! Arggh.
One word... socialism.

Oh yeah..if Obama had bangs on his forehead I would swear he had 666 hidden under them! lol

Jaime said...

preach on my sister!
i am just sick about this. mostly sick about the sense of entitlement that the people of our country have. and a government that is now spoon feeding that entitlement to the people.
i'm just sick.
and i have God who is giving me much comfort in it all, I can't imagine how crazy I would be without Him.

Madeleine said...

I think the only thing that keeps me hopes up is that, yes, indeed, Jesus is in control. I think about all the kings of the Bible, who had the arrogance, who shook their fist at the people and God, Himself, and their ultimate consequense.

It is HIS judgement on him.

And not that I will rejoice, it really is heartbreaking, not only for his soul, but for the fact that we are also paying for his arrogance. For sin does not ever affect only the sinner.

As far as Canada,well, Canada is a wonderful country with beautiful people. But that doesn't stop the fact that we are a different country all together, a republic, and we get to choose our country's future.

Or so we thought.

And Jesus Himself said, we as Christians are not to EVER look to government for our needs, but to HIM. HE will provide what we need. And if we are in abundance, we are to help our fellow man. Not at the point of force or the gun, or jail, but out of grace and free will.

I'm with you, Lori.

Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus.

Madeleine said...

And PS,

Anything the government offers for *free* is never free.

Someone is paying. Usually us, the ones trying to survive while getting taxed to death.

Marie-Claude said...

I completely understand your point of views. Never crossed my mind to try to convice you bloggers friends of Lori. Was just expressing my point of view and was pretty convinced though that Lori would permit my comments to go through since I came from Canada. I would never dare insult any of you. We are a different country, but one thing is the same, even here when we are in disagreement with our goverment, we speak out, loud, we make ouselves heard, if not understood. And that is your rights, our rights. We are both free countries and our leaders need to hear us. And our goverments and leaders just have to deal with us happy or not and the consequences of their actions. That is the beauty of freedom. A canadian prime minister would try to pass something that 75% of the population did not want. He is elected by constituants of his county, just like other memebers of his party, he would be overthrown in a nano second by the opposition parties.

I clearly understand that 75% of Americans do not want this reform, and that is why is so hard to accept. Keep faith in your voices and forces. Things might change. Keep faith in Him.

Thank you for kindness :)

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Great post and totally agree Lori!!!

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