Monday, March 22, 2010

spring at last!

In order to not go ballistic here with my opinion on the
health care reform crap voted in last night by the
most controlling, egotistical, arrogant,
president and his tail-wagging comrads,
I will just post a sweet little something about my family.


Spring has arrived in the Midwest
and I'm not the least bit surprised at how it
roared in because well,
it's just so typical.

At least some of us enjoyed it!

"Come on Zeke, let's go find some sunshine."

I woke up yesterday morning, having only had about 3 hours
of sleep. Grrr. I crawled out of bed right at the
time I needed to be getting in the shower for church.
But, I just couldn't.
I was exhausted and decided the girls and I would stay home.
A little later,
Macy walked out of the bathroom in a brand new outfit,
contacts in (she's down to it taking her 25 minutes!),
and said,
"Are we going to church??"


How in the world could I tell her no??
She was all ready to go and looked simply adorable.

I quickly gathered the three brain cells that were floating
in caffeine by then and said,
"Ummm, yes...yes we are."

Quick as lightning I jumped in the shower and prayed
for warp-speed in getting myself ready.

I pulled it off,
I got ready in record-time.
We loaded into the van, headed out...
only to find huge snow drifts on our little country road that
were completely impossible to get through.
So we turned around.

By the end of the day it had actually melted enough,
and someone graciously plowed a little
outlet through the big drifts and we took the fam to Wal Mart.
Good times.

Happy Monday.


Holly said...

Kind of frustrating story, but so cool that Macy was so ready to go. : ) Have a happy week--God is helping me to have peace in the midst of my SORROW.

Jean said...

You gave it your best shot Mom!! Way to go!! Sorry about the snow drifts! it is so sweet that Macy was all ready to go- what a cutie!!

Karin said...

Still fuming over the health care crap. UGH. And to have a boatload of snow on top of it...ugh. Poor you!! So sweet that Macy was all ready for church! She is darling and I'm so happy that she is becoming more at ease with all of you.

Madeleine said...

Oh I am catching up, and she looks wonderful!! I know abut the whole glasses thing. My son in law, the silly, WANTS glasses. I wish I had the money to get surgery. Oh well, contacts are the next best thing.

UGH. The healthcare reform is an oxymoron. I will stop there.

And I had to laugh about getting ready in no time flat for church. I can see it in my mind's eye and it was easy because that self same thing has happened to me! lol

Great pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Let me just tell you that spring has sprung and is BEAUTIFUL in South Georgia!

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