Saturday, February 20, 2010

puppy love



These pictures aren't exactly in chronological order.
In fact, Lucy didn't hold Zeke until 8:00 PM,
when I finally convinced her.

And wouldn't know,
the poor pup was out-cold and wouldn't budge...
even with Miss Wiggle Worm holding him.
--Or maybe he was playing dead, hoping she'd leave him alone--

Very likely.

Listen, I am NOT an animal person. At. All.
But this puppy is so sweet and cuddly!
Nick is crazy about him too!

The cat was feeling left out so I thought I'd include
a pic of him.

One last picture...

We are really enjoying him.
Well, except for the accidents.

There's always a catch.

Oh and in case you were wondering...
*I know you were*
Macy likes him but would not even pet him.

And Brenden loves him also, I just didn't get a pic
of him for some reason.

OK, I'm rambling.

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!


Jaime said...

zeke is SUPER cute!!!!

julie said...

Love the name, he's absolutely adorable! I hope you have many happy years together.

Karin said...

What a cute puppy!! He looks really sweet. And the cat...when I saw the photo I thought of A Christmas Story, re: Scott Farkus..."He had yellow eyes...I'm not kidding, yellow eyes."

tinacd said...

Too cute! Zeke just fits him.

nikimac said...

I want to hold him!!! He just look so stinkin cute.

Kim K. said... fuzzy and cute. I can't wait to see your puppy get bigger and BIGGER!! Have fun snuggling with your newest family member.

Holly said...

And you can hear a collective "Aaaaawwww" out in blog land. : ) He is so adorable!! Yeah, puppies are cute, but I don't miss those days at all. When Samson was a puppy, he was adorable, but a major STINKER! He was so rebellious. Just like a toddler! I hope you're having better luck with your cutie over there.

Angie said...

Way too cute! What breed? He looks like he may grow to be a big boy! I can't wait to get Laura's dog in a couple weeks!!! I'm not an animal person, either, but I still can't wait!!

Lacy said...

He is so sweet Lori. Good luck potty training him. I am sure he will be a fast learner. Pyr's are stubborn but so smart and loyal. They love their families! Have fun:)

Did you by chance get him from Milk and Honey farms?

Tony and Rett said...


And love his name!!!

Karen said...

Zeke is a cutie! How big will that little bundle of fur grow? Yuck about all the accidents.

Patty said...

Ok so he IS adorable.....good luck on the potty training! And by the way---I really love your haircut!!! : -)
Ellie wants to cut mine.......well it would be a fun little attachment I that brave??!!

quilt-n-mama said...

Ahhhhh..... he's so cute! Love his name too:)

Truly Blessed said...

I was wondering if I could ask where you got your pup from? I am wanting to get a pyr and was just wondering if you got yours from Milk and Honey Farms?

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