Saturday, February 20, 2010

drivers ed

I have 3 minutes to post this.
I am on my way out the door to take Nick to driver's ed.
Mercy, I now have TWO teen drivers.
*And the third one could technically drive too. But, ummmm, no.*

The games were super great last night!!
We won, we won!

A lady behind us whipped out some bubbles during the final game
to entertain Lucy.

Uhhh, hello? Why the heck, nice lady, did you show up
at the LAST game of the season for this??

Lucy LOVED it!

Well, it was a great shot but dang it, I had my camera
on the wrong setting. Again.
We are getting our puppy today!
(Thanks for remembering, Julie!)
I'll post more later!

Gotta go!


Karin said...

Oh my gosh...breaking in a teen driver AND a dog in the same week?!?! Congrats on the game! YAY! So cute about Lucy and the bubbles. :)

I want to see pics of you and Macy when you try roller skating. :)way

Tracy said...

Blur or no blur excellent shot. WOW! I wish I could jump that high. I always got a little nervous when our two older girls went in to get ther DL. But the nerves went away after a little while. Kinda like when they first jump on the bike(But way bigger and faster.) We just got two little puppies yesterday. I was nervous wreck. Why you ask? Because its like having a baby times two all over again. But they are so darn cute and the kids are loving it. Have fun. : )

Jill said...

YEAH!! A puppy! I LOVE puppies!
Great pic of Lucy BTW! That smile is infectious!

Chris said...

Ugh teaching a driver. Not looking forward to doing it again...and again....and again can't you hire someone to do it? :^)

Patty said...

Drivers Ed.....ugh! One more year and Shana can start that!! And Ellie.....ummmm what are we gonna do about our girls driving??? Have you talked to any older child families about that? I haven't even thought of that one!
Ok and hello----the puppy.....oh they are so cute but you are in for it girl!!! LOL Although it will make for great blog material.....

Jean said...

How fun to get your puppy!! What is his name?

Good game Nick! Just happened to have bubbles in her purse- geez- where has she been all season!

I have 4 drivers now and we look like a used car lot!! We have conveniently told Sarah she cannot drive until 18- we'll see if it works!

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