Monday, February 22, 2010

jealousy rears its ugly head

"I don't like consequences!!"

Lucy said, as I explained for the 100th time
why she was grounded from watching
Dora this morning.

What I may have failed to have ever mention on my blog before
is how very jealous Lucy is of Macy.

Yes, she adores her...and mimics so much of what she does.
*Including some orphanage habits*

But, yeah...for some reason she gets jealous
and acts out as a result.

And last night for whatever reason, Lucy got frustrated
and grabbed Macy's glasses off her face and threw them
on the floor.


Did she ever get in trouble!!!

And the trouble continued this morning as she suffered
the consequences of her actions by not being
able to watch her VERY favorite show.

And it's killing her!!!

She even went up to Macy, unprompted,
and apologized.
Then quickly asked if she could watch her show now.

good job saying sorry and that was the right thing to do
but...yeah, your punishment isn't over yet.

As I type this,
she is looking at the timer on the stove,
which says 18 minutes until she gets
Dora back.

Good heavens parenting isn't fun sometimes.


Today is Nick's 15th birthday!
I'll be back later to post pics of that.


Holly said...

I know. It's definitely so hard sometimes!! Good job not caving in. : )

Chris said...

Tough love at it's best...ugh!
Keep going mom...both girls need to see your resolve...yuck!

Really not the fun stuff.

Tesseraemum said...

You go girl! I have trouble with sticking to my guns too.

Happy Birthday to Nick!

Cari said...

life's never dull with a drama queen...hehe!

Happy Birthday, Nick!!

Karin said... did a good job with that one! The drama queens can be so high maintenance.

Happy birthday to Nick!!

Jean said...

Funny- I read your post but couldn't remember if I commented! Oh No!!

We've seen a bit of jealousy in our house, too! Good job Mom- stickin to your guns! It's hard but ya gotta do it!

Adeye said...

Nope--it sure is never all smooth-sailing, is it? Parenting is hard work most of the time.

I bet she is just as cute as can be when she pouts though :)

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