Monday, January 11, 2010

basketball, cheerleaders, and nachos...

Can you possibly stand two basketball posts in a row? Oh I sure hope so...cause it may end up being that it's one bball post after another.

This is my life right now.

A groupie.

Look at my rock star! This amazing shot not only made it was right at the buzzer. It was so cool.

Brenden and Lucy enjoying the game. However, they aren't very friendly to the paparazzi.

Looky who made herself an honorary member of the cheer squad...

Sorry no pics of my Macy-girl. She's a little camera shy most of the time and since she's the newbie around here, I gotta ease her into my photo shoots.

But I will tell you that for two games in a row, she's had nachos from the concession stand. Another little baby step that I count as huge progress.

Americano, baby!


Janet and Kevin said...

Looks like your family is enjoying the winter season. So happy that you are all together. Soon we will have our little Eli! :)

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and soon to be home Eli

Hezra said...

awesome. you know when the kids are grown but before grandkids arrive, you could get a job as the you know, fill you addiction to camera clicking, AND get paid!!(by the highest magazine!)Awesome bb shot!

Karin said...

Cool basketball action shot! :) And Miss Lucy is looking quite fetching in her uniform. :)

codyssister1 said...

Hey Lady!
Thought we might see you yesterday. We took some friends to P&B for lunch after church. It was a planning meeting for our foster & adoption ministry. :)
lovin it!
18 LID's & counting
love TT

Cari said...

what fun family memories!

hmmm...nachos...i should be in bed, but that sounds really good right now! :)

connie said...

Great shot! Wow, nachos! Next she'll be eating Ranch on e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g - lol!
We still hold out hope that our boy will eventually drown everything in cheese and Ranch (instead of putting ketchup and relish on his salad - yuck). Hmmmm, maybe that's why he weighs 105....
Nah, life's too short.

Jean said...

Love the b-ball pics- I'm missing the Johnny not playing any more ;-(

Does Brenden miss it?

Love the pic of Lucy and her squad!

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