Wednesday, October 28, 2009

white butter

Oh my gosh,
is Brenden ticked off about something??
What the heck?

Ummm, no.
A kid who was doing......

this, just moments earlier....
Yes, that would be my boys coloring
pictures while we shopped at Old N*vy.

isn't the kind of person who angers easily.
he was just trying to make me laugh.

As usual.

Yesterday Brenden decided he wanted breakfast
for lunch.
So, he pulled out all the stops and made
a huge mess delicious brunch for himself.
as I was cleaning up what he "forgot" on the counter,
I saw a stick of shortening.

That's odd.

I said,
"Brenden, what in the world were you doing with this?"

"Oh, I put that on my toast."

"You WHAT??? Brenden, it's SHORTENING!"

"What's shortening?"


"Brenden, basically it's vegetable lard!"

"Oh, I thought it was butter that just wasn't very yellow."

Oh my.


Madeleine said...

What a great kid!@!

Vegetable lard!! I literally busted out laughing when I read that!

I was going to say, " but how could he not tell the difference?'

... But I have boys. I remembered...

Leah said...

Oh my! Yuck! Too funny!

Tesseraemum said...

So funny! At least he made his Brealunch!!! I'm telling you I have a Brenden in training here in Ohio! Isaac is my dog obessed comedian! He does these impressions that just crack us up! His preschool teacher recently said after Isaac told her some sort of funny tale that he had just said more than he ever did in an entire year of preschool! Who would have guessed that he would turn into such a clown!!!
We really enjoy your tales and are praying for your family! Sheri

Chris and Sarah said...

Life at your house is never boring. Someone should call you about doing a reality show.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Umm... that story is gonna stick with me for awhile. Butter that wasn't really yellow? Heh.

allisyn said... made my day!!! haha, that's absolutely hilarious :)

Tony and Rett said...


Sarah the Kool Kid said...

hahahaha, oh. my. goodness. gracious. I can't wait to get up there. hahaha, brenden. wow. Actually, coloring in old navy is a very Sarah move. ;)

Debby said...

Lol...Look at everything I'm missing by not having any boys around......

Funny stuff......

Although I can see hints of this in my 7 & 9 yr old nephews....

Kathy said...

That is too funny!!!! LOL

Karin said...

Eeeewwwwww....So the burning question is: How did it taste on his toast??

Cari said...

lol...that was hilarious! thanks for the laugh.

Chris said...

Ya know if the eggs had enough flavor...say hot sauce, syrup or ketchup probably wouldn't notice the lack of flavor...(I have boys)

Anonymous said...

Haha TOO funny!!! It's GREAT to see teenage boys who don't try to act cool.

Nancy said...

Your family is too family. What a hoot.

Holly said...

Okay, you should have issued a warning at the top of this post that said, "Don't read this while talking on the phone"
What? You mean ya'll don't ever multi task like that? Seriously?
Well I did and I laughed OUT LOUD and it was NOT appropriate to the conversation. So um...yeah...that was awkward...nothing like telling someone you aren't paying 100% attention to them b/c you are laughing at some boy you've never met who just put lard on his toast.
Yeah. Awkward.

Chasity said...

Okay, that is so very funny! I couldn't imagine how wonderful his toast taste with veggie lard instead of butter. Poor guy, he had no idea!

I'm still cracking up at him...your house is nothing less of entertaining. Thanks for the laughs.

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