Monday, October 26, 2009

tattoo and gun show

Who says I'm not a cool and hip mom?
Who says?

And even though I really despise tattoos,
I'm all about keepin' my kids

I let Nick get one...

Not really.
Happy shmappy.

But, just for fun....Macy gave Nick a much-desired
via, not-so-painful ink, a Sharpie (marker).

Here is our Chinese tattoo artist at work!

An impressive tattoo...and gun!

Fun times!!
Ok, the way Nick is positioned, you
would think that his tattoo did hurt him!
Loosen up, kid!
Oh and by the way,
it says,

Super Man!

If any of you want to get on the fake-tattoo
swing by...our parlor is open daily til Midnight.


Jill said...

Oh how cute! (Well, don't tell Nick I said that! LOL!)
I meant the pic of the two of them, and that infectious smile Miss Macy has!
What a fun post!

Debby said...

Oh so COOL!! I know how Macy can make some extra can rent out her services to birthday parties on CNY gatherings. She did a GREAT job!!!

I want one!!!! (But I don't want it to say

Tony and Rett said...


Sally- That Girl! said...

Macy is so darn cute in that last photo with superman!!!! How fun and great bonding!!

Karin said...

Too cute! I love the last picture of the two of them looking so comfortable with each other!

I'm with you...hate tattoo's, too. My oldest got one when he turned 18. I don't get the big thrill of them?? Whatever...

Karen said...

Macy seems to be blossoming more with your family in each post. She seems much more relaxed. I'm not a tattoo fan either (don't even let my kids do the fake ones), but I love the fact that Macy did this for her brother. What a bonding moment.

At least you know for sure that it says "Superman". I often wonder if people are really sure that their real tattoo says what they think it does. Someone might get one, in Chinese, that they think says "Superman" and it could say "chicken legs". They'd never know. Just one of those crazy things going around in my head:-)

Nancy said...

LOL I'm with you. I hate tattoos. Your parlour isn't open very late, though. Nick's is quite chic, though.

Holly said...

Wow! Awesome! Sign us up. Um, wait. where do you live again? Yeah. Somehow thinking it isn't so close. Maybe she can work on designing those rub on tattoos?
hey- it could be a fundraiser for your next adoption ;)

Cari said...

Love the pics! Maybe Macy is smiling so big because the tattoo really says "superchick"! LOL

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Woa baby! Sign me up for a chinese tattoo! I SO want one! Make my appointment in about two weeks...
She's so cute!

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