Sunday, October 25, 2009

sunday night = family fun

I suppose that just sitting around with the family,
watching TV (AFV, of course)...joking around and being goofy
sounds a little boring.

Oh, but it's not!

Here's a little peek into our Sunday night.....

Lucy has started wearing glasses....just like Macy does.
Except that,
they are...sunglasses.
But, no less...she now has glasses, just like her sister.

Perhaps I could pop the lenses out for her.
Naaa, that would be too easy.

But, between the darkness and gazillion
fingerprints all over her shades,
they end up on top of her head.

K-man and Macy.

And no evening would be complete without
a Lucy performance.
Her ego was damaged (somehow) and she ran
to one of her body guards for cover.
NO MORE PICS of Ms. Lucy, please.

Brenden plopped down on my lap and started
reading The Two Towers to me.
So I finagled a way to take a *lovely*
picture of us.

A FUN evening, for sure!


Shonni said...

It does sound fun!!!

Nancy said...

Lucy's ego damaged? I highly doubt that would happen...probably wanted an excue to cuddle with one of her brothers. So, so cute.

Holly said...

Love it! Do you homeschool all your kiddos?

Cari said...

sounds and looks like a blast to me...good times! :)

Janet said...

The BEST times are at home!!! Glad Lucy adores Macy=).

Karin said...

bahahahahaha....I highly doubt that any evening with your family could possibly be boring (I mean that in a good way)!

Madeleine said...

Your family is so great! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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