Monday, October 5, 2009

Urgent prayer requests.....

Hi Ya'll.

I will try to write a regular blog post soon but
I wanted to ask you all to pray for
a couple of people.

Little Luke is still in the hospital and can't
be released until his fever breaks.
PLEASE pray for this frail little guy!!

Me with baby Luke the day before he
headed to the hospital a few weeks ago.

one of Macy's friends is about to be adopted
(in fact, this family is bringing home TWO older
**One is from another orphanage.),
but OUR government has lost some of their
immigration papers.
Their son MUST be adopted by next week...
before he turns 14!!!
PLEASE pray with fervor that everything will
change TODAY and they can book their flights to
get these kiddos!!

**This precious family also has a raffle going
to raise money for these adoptions.
Please pray about how the Lord wants you
to help!


Debby said...

You got it, Friend.....

Jean said...

Praying for Macy's friends and for little Luke.
Thank you Lori...

Adeye said...

Oh goodness, standing with you and trusting that God will meet EVERY need to mentioned!

Have a very blessed Monday, dear friend.

Kathy said...


carie said...

will pray and fast

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