Sunday, October 4, 2009

camp fire picnic and moon cakes

One thing that is especially difficult to
adjust to with adopting an older child (well at least with Macy),
is her extreme silence.
Since 3 of my 4 children are well, loud-mouths,
it is easy interpret Macy's quiet spirit as unhappiness...
but I don't really
think that is the case...most of the time, anyway.
She just seems to just be soaking it all

I'm so thankful to my friends Mary and Patty
who are so gracious to tell me what Macy says to their
girls on QQ (Chinese-type Facebok), confirming
that she is adjusting as well as to be expected.

We went to the library yesterday and checked out
R*setta Stone in English.
We also checked out a couple of books that I thought would
be at Macy's level, at least her level of English.
My plan is for her to sit with me and
read aloud. I honestly can't think of a better way to
learn to speak well and expand one's vocabulary than to read
a lot. So hopefully she will feel comfortable to do that with me.

She LOVED working on RS! She sat there
for about 3 hours and breezed right
through a good chunk of it.
She obviously knows a lot of English...
the challenge we have is building
her confidence to SPEAK it more.

We decided to have a camp fire picnic early in the evening last night.
The look on Macy's face was priceless when I told
her we were going to eat outside!!
After a bit of obviously feeling uncomfortable,
I think she finally started enjoying herself and this
odd new activity.
But roasting marshmallows was over-the-top weird
for her.

Macy is so eager to dote over's just Lucy's
little spitfire spirit that won't allow her!
But Lucy is starting to warm up to her little by little.

Based on Macy's reaction to getting on the swing set,
I'm not sure if she has ever had the joy of
swinging before. :( But she seemed to like it.

We enjoyed the camp fire until it got too chilly
for us girls.
And after many attempts to get my camera adjusted
just right...and the timer figured out,
we got a semi-great family pic.
Aren't we a cute fam?!
After we went inside,
we ate moon cakes to celebrate the Moon Festival.
Macy wasn't all that into it...perhaps it was
because by that time, all her friends were on the
computer and she was a bit pre-occupied with chatting with
them. I can't say I blame her!

Thank you for your continued prayer during our transition
time. Oh you will never know how much I appreciate
it and what HUGE difference it is making!!


Janet said...

Looks like ya'll had a great day! And Miss Lucy in the pic--with her hands on her hips! Great ideas= the reading and the campfire. When find out Macy's reading might want to do Progeny Press study guides with her, to work on other skills. And Christian Heroes series by also has study guides for their books.

Anonymous said...

My daughter understood English long before she would speak it. She later told us that she would not talk to people because she was afraid she would make a mistake and people would think she was dumb. Turns out she is quite bright and a perfectionist. has guided reading books that you can print in many levels. If she is anxious about reading aloud to you, you may try getting her to read to Lucy and you can listen in the background.

Anonymous said...

You guys ARE a cute family! :) I thought it was a great picture. I noticed that in the picture at the picnic table, Macy is still using chopsticks! Our daughter has only used chopsticks once or twice since we got home, and that was to eat Panda Express!!! She had never even heard of forks before and thought we would use chopsticks in America. :)

Melissa said...

Definetely praying for all of you. You look great as a family !!!

Hezra said...

So sweet! I love the family pic and finally getting to see your sweet face too. Lori I am so excited for you!! Your girls look so happy together too!

Shanna said...

I am addicted to your blog. You inspire me.

Karin said...

You all look wonderful together! :) What a sweetie Macy is. What a blessing that she has friends she is in contact with--and that the mom's can let you know how Macy is doing. Since she is obviously so shy, it must have taken a tremendous amount of courage for her to make the leap to a family in America. Bless her heart. It will get better. :)

Nicole A. said...

So happy that things are going so well. I love the family picture (especially the cute stance from Lucy-the-model in the front)!

I don't know how relevant this will be, but my sister-in-law's first language is Portuguese, and though she has spoken English for most of her life, and uses it exclusively except with her mother, she is still shy to speak in a larger group of native English speakers, though she understands every word. She is just worried I think about using the wrong verb tense, or pronouncing something wrong, or having a slight accent. Most people think she is very shy, but in fact she is not at all when she's around people she is very familiar with.

Have a great first full week home!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Cari Bacon said...

Thanks for more updates and pictures. I just can't get enough! :) The last pictures with the entire family just made my precious.

mom2eliza said...

Hi Lori, glad to see you are home and all settling in. What a journey that was, huh? sandals got trashed, literally, walking thru the rain in Guangzhou that day! Your family is cute! Love the picture and the pictures of ShuLi (Macy) and Lucy on the swings looking at each other. I'm sure you already know that the translating comes before the spoken language. Macy is a very bright girl, she'll get it. But hey, she has QQ and she's 13, so maybe she won't! Ha, ha... Sounds just like my bright 13 yo who prefers Facebook and texting to speaking with her family. I'm going to continue to read through your blog now. Sending you prayers and hugs. -Sarah

Adeye said...

Hello my friend,
I have been away for the weekend and could not wait to get in the front door to check up on how things are going in your house!
Wow--some amazing breakthroughs. That is just amazing. I am rejoicing here. Macy :) How fabulous that she now has an 'official' English name!
So thrilled to see the Father at work in your home.
With a heart of thankfulness,

Jean said...

Praying in MN!

You are doing great! Macy just needs to take it all in- she will open up more with time!
It is okay for her to be bored, for her to be quiet, for her to be on the computer- that's all a part of being in a family. These kids are used to constant friends- kind of a dorm lifestyle. That's not what a family is about- she will figure it all out with time. She will realize that in a family someone and usually everyone cares about her and cares for her. The process is so amazing but there are definitely many awkward times.

love the pics!!

Bless you! You are wonderful!!

Holly said...

LOVE the pictures! First time That one of her and Lucy looking at each other is so sweet. I hope Lucy will let her love on her soon. : ) And yes, your family is adorable! I am so happy that Macy can communicate with her friends still. What a comfort. I just know that our true Comforter is putting peace in her heart.

Karen said...

Just wanted to ask (maybe I missed it somewhere), but what is the red necklace thing that Macy is wearing around her neck tucked into her shirt? Something from China?

Tony and Rett said...

YAY! I LOVE that the transition is happening a bit more smoothly. God is so stinkin' good!

And as for the marshmellows, I'm with Macy..that IS a really weird thing we do. I mean, who was the first to think sticking a square of sugar on a stick and torching it was a good plan? Hmm, just wait until she experiences her first Easter! Hiding colored eggs, just to look for them again? NUTS!


Tina said...

I am so glad you updated again..I love checking your blog. The RS was a great idea. We have the mandarin version we are trying to learn what we can before we bring Jax home this spring.
Praying for you all,

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