Saturday, October 3, 2009

BIG changes!!

What a difference a day (and a ton of prayer) makes!!

Yesterday was WAY better.
But before our day as a family began,
I had gotten up early....really early.
I spent time in the Word,
and on my knees in prayer.
But I kept feeling so unsettled.
Then all YOUR emails and comments
started pouring in and God used them to really
encourage me.
I captured every thought of doubt and made
it obedient to Christ.
(2 Corinthians 10: 5)

I was determined to have a positive attitude and to be
the best mom I could be to our new daughter.

So when Shu Li woke up,
Lucy and I went in to check on her.
I was a little worried because Lucy's attitude
at bedtime had been really negative.
But to my surprise, Lucy said to her,

"Good morning, Sunshine!!"

It was so sweet and it set a great tone for our day.

We all loaded up in the mini-van (it's pretty full these days!)
and went to a Chinese market.
To back up just a bit, one of the things I had been
praying early in the morning for was that God would
direct our steps...literally, and bring into
our paths people that would be an encouragement to
our new family and to Shu Li.
Well, while we were at the market
(which is about 45 minutes from our house),
an elderly couple came up to us and asked if we
remembered them.
Then they said,
"Bob's Big Burger!!"


From the time K-man and I were dating until
about ten years ago,
we frequently ate at a WONDERFUL burger joint that
was owned by this lovely Chinese couple.
it was a constantly-busy place to eat...
but yet, they were always so gracious to us.
they eventually retired and we never got to
say good-bye because we hadn't been in in a while
(it was far from our house).
We were so sad to go in one day and find that
there were new owners.
when we saw them yesterday, it was like a direct
answer to the exact prayer had I prayed just hours before.
They talked to Shu Li
and she seemed tickled to talk to someone who
shared her language.

We had never been to that market before,
and decided to try going there at the last minute.
It was a God-appointed encounter, no doubt.

We loaded up on food that lit up Shu Li's eyes!
She was thrilled to see familiar things!
When we got home,
she and Lucy shared some dumplings,
and later, some noodles, tofu, red peppers, and HOT sauce.
It was cute that Lucy still craved this food!
And btw,
it gave them both DRAGON breath.
Oh my.

Sorry this is so long, but there's more.

As we were still struggling with the name thing,
my sweet friends Mary and Patty
(who are the new mothers of two of Shu Li's
friends, Lina and Ellie)
came to the rescue!
Patty had called so Ellie could talk to Shu Li
and help straighten out the name thing.
The girls chatted away!
Then Patty told me that Shu Li told Ellie
that because another friend of theirs now has
the name Katie,
she DOES NOT want that name.
I was so relieved to get a definite answer on that!!
Then Mary called shortly after that
and had her daughter also talk to Shu Li (online) about
it and tell her that we like the name Macy.

as of right now,
and we are pretty determined to end this
name game,
Shu Li is now Macy Shu Li!!!
while in China, we did not have the chance
to change the paperwork to from Macy to Katie
once we found out that (at that time) she wanted Katie.
We had decided to change it (which wouldn't
be all that easy or cheap, I'm sure) once we
got home.
Well, as it turns out,
we don't have to change a thing now!!

I hope all that makes sense!!

Macy and Lucy...warming up!!


Lisa said...

Praise God for a great day. I had prayed for you all day that it would be a great one. Look what one day does, just think what 1 week will do.

Newark, Ohio

Nancy said...

I had prayed all day for you, too. Wow the power of prayer. How great it is for Macy to have you as a mother.

Heather said...

Your day was definately meant to be. I am so glad it went well, and hopefully everyday after will be great. When down, I always look for the one really positive moment in the day and play off of that. Love following your journey, very insightful. We are in our 1st adoption, but have talked about our 2nd being a girl between 10 and 12 yrs old, so we are pulling tid bits from your experience. Thank you!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Sounds like things are all coming together. Isn't it amazing when we surrender it all over to Him at the start of the day, He leads us to exactly where we are supposed to be...divine appts to perfect names to Good morning Sunshine!!!

So glad to hear things are a better, now just remember you adopt a TEENAGE GIRL and that can all change by midnight tonight and then be back again by first thing in the morning!!!! But hey, we are all here for you!

Jaime (@ fearfully and wonderfully made) said...

GOd is so freaking amazing. i love how He orchestrates thigns sometimes so blatantly!

i gave you a blog award. though i don't actually expect you to do it, you're a busy lady.

Jean said...

So glad the name is all figured out!! Macy Shu Li is perfect!!

What an answer to prayer meeting up with the previous owners to Bob's Big Burger!! God is so good!
So happy that it was a good day and prayers were answered!

Tiffany said...

So glad that you ALL had a much better day. What a great appointment from God - going to a Chinese market where Macy (love the name) could visit with a couple that meant so much to you too! Awesome!

Kathy said...

Praising His Holy Name for answered
prayer and divine appts.!!!
I love her name!

I have had to remind myself of that
verse (2 Corinthians 10:5) so much
lately as the enemy tries to fill
my head with lies and doubts.

McNew Family said...

Praise God and glory be! Amazing what God can orchestrate, isn't it!!!! Glad that the name is working out - and not having to change any paperwork!!!! Glad that you "ran" into the older couple at the market. Glad that Macy is beginning to feel more comfortable! Have to run - I have a coffee cake to make!!!!

mom2-4boys said...

I am so happy you had such a positive day!!!

Your girls sure do look beautiful together.

Macy Shu Li is a great name.

I just love it when we put things in God's hands and he does GREAT THINGS!!!

Chris said...


Anonymous said...

As I was thinking about you all in the night and praying I remembered that when we first came home, our daughter missed her food the most. Even now almost 11 years later she wants noodles all the time but will eat most anything. My brother in law moved to the states from Asia in his teens and still eats rice EVERYDAY! Also she was happiest when we got in a routine once we came home. She had spent all but 3 days of her life in an orphanage with a routine and a schedule and she missed that. Being busy with some type of chore or project may help keep her from dwelling on the things she misses. You are right on track with all the things you are doing. :) We also went through a sadness because the siblings could not communicate. Her brother so wanted a sister to play with and was sad when it was not so easy in the beginning to tell her what he wanted to play or boss her around like a big brother but they figured it out quickly. They are 6 months apart in age and they are very close. Lucy will be fine, she is just having her sibling rivalry adjustment and has been loved on and pampered by loving grandparents for 2 weeks. We did the same thing on our 2nd trip to China. So glad you all had a better day. Remember you can do all things through Christ who strenghthens you! Keep us posted so we know what your prayer needs are.

Ann Marie said...

Glad you had a better day. How wonderful watching Him direct your steps...and having a divine appointment. Isn't God awesome!


Ann Marie

Holly said...

Oh what a wonderful post!!! After your message on fb saying the day went much better, I knew you would write about it, and I couldn't wait to read it! God is sooo good! I am just thrilled that the day went so well, and so obviously ordered by the Lord. Awesome. :) And I love the name Macy. I love how that worked out too. :) I think that as she gets older she will appreciate having a name picked out by her real parents, not the orphanage. We are continuing to pray for you all!!

Martha said...

Ahhhhhh - the power of prayer! It is wonderful that it was so immediate, barely any waiting :o)

It is such a blessing that you have so much support from those that have gone before you.

Blessings to you, hope to meet Macy Shu Li soon!


P.S. No comments about Hondo/Hannah
lately - uhhhh, has Brendon given up without a fight? (something tells me that you haven't heard the end of it, he is just respecting your jet lag status :o)

Cari Bacon said...

Why do we sweat the details, when we know that God already had it all planned out! I am so much that way, so I'm talking to myself. How cool for you to meet that couple again and for them to be able to talk to Macy Shu Li in her first language. I just think it's awesome to see how all these divine appointments (from meetings to phone calls) take place. God doesn't want much, but He wants it all (all of us that is)! When we give Him that, then He is able to work His magnificent plans.

Karin said...

Wow...that is just totally amazing how God answered your prayers immediately and sent that couple to talk to you!!! SO COOL!!!! And the name thing...another WOW!! I love that you weren't able to change it in China and now it is her official name. :)


Tavianna said...

I love hearing such divine encounters! It's amazing how God shows us His love both to a new daughter and to her mommy! He is faithful! Oh, and I think the name Macy fits her so well! She is such a beautiful young lady.

christy rose said...

I am so happy that this was a good day for all of you!!! Macy Shu Li! That sounds beautiful!

Karen said...

I love it when I see how God is control of my day. Don't you?! So happy today was a better day. Happy you finally got an answer about the whole name thing. I like both names, but Macy sounds so sweet:-) Praying that Macy continues to blossom as she acclimates to her new life with her loving family.

Anonymous said...

Im really happy for you that things went a whole lot better today. I was thinking of Macy when I prayed last night.

connie said...

Oh, Lori, I'm crying happy tears for you. God certainly did direct your steps Friday! The song on your playlist as I type is Hallelujah, Glory to our Great God! May you have a wonderful day of worship today!

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