Sunday, October 18, 2009


Many of you have asked about how the boys
are doing with Macy.

Very well, actually.
But, even though they have been eager to
build a relationship with her,
I know that the language barrier has been a bit
intimidating (Brenden wouldn't like me using that word
but I can't think of any other way to word it!).
But they are starting to learn to
communicate with her in other ways and
she REALLY enjoys having them around.

She is very much a teenager.
No regression in her behavior at all as far.
She enjoys Lucy a lot but really, I know she
wants to be around kids her own age.

After church Macy, Lucy, our friend Holly and I
set out to go ice-skating.
Well, we were really disappointed to find
a hockey tournament going on at the rink
so that idea was nixed.

So we went shopping, of course!
One of our stops was a craft store to find something
for Macy to do in her free time.

It was proving to be an impossible task until
she spotted an origami kit!

Brenden insisted that she help him make
As you can see, he was a bit overwhelmed.

I just love how she laughs at him
constantly...we all do!

Lucy got in on the, she
didn't make this, she's just the
glamorous model showcasing it.

Really, let's get serious.

Yay!! Sucess
Ok kids, say cheese!

I heart my kids!!


Adeye said...

Those are SUCH cute pics. Can that boy of yours EVER be serious :)

Tooooo sweet. Love the one of all four together.

Have a blessed Monday, friend. I'm dragging--GOT to get some school done.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Cute kids!!!

So how is it going with K-Man and Macy?

Debby said...

Great idea.....I'm so glad they are wanting to bond with each other..they all look like thay are putting forth good effort at it.

And, I really do like Macy's haircut....

Karin said...

I heart your kids, too! :) Brendan cracks me up!!! I hope Jake is like that someday. :) I love that they are all trying hard to bond to each other. It has to be so awkward at times, but great they continue to try (rather than avoid).

Michele said...

That first picture sent me into hysterics!

Shonni said...

That is just so precious!!! The pictures really made me laugh...what a fun group you have!

Karen said...

So sweet. I love how your big boys are making an effort to bond with their new sister. It's wonderful that Macy feels comfortable enough in your family to laugh at her brother:-)

Nancy said...

Looks like one big happy family to me. Ready to add another?

Jean said...

Love your pics !!

Yes of course!! Origami!! Sarah loves it!! I'm sorry I didn't say it before you discovered it!

Have you thought about have the boys role play some of the things you want Macy to learn?? Yes, I know Brenden would have a hard time keeping a straight face BUT it might be helpful? ( For a short while I got some better than average behavior from our Johnny!) But the towels and clothes are back on the floor now... bummer

We often role played/ modeled behavior we wanted Sarah to learn- it worked! An example would be giving hugs and kisses. Saying goodbye when we left or a hearty "Hello Everyone" when we got home. Game playing and actually cheering for the other team (that is so hard for Sarah- she is so competitive!).

Love your posts!! Bless you on this fantastic journey!!

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