Sunday, October 18, 2009

first haircut!!

Last evening we sent the guys out to get pizza.
And while they were gone,
we did some major make-overs!

Lucy got a bath.
Then I got the idea that she needed her bangs
trimmed....then I got the idea
that I would have Macy watch, just for fun.
Planting the idea in her head that she would also want a haircut.

Low and behold,
after I finished Lu's hair I looked at Macy and
asked her if she wanted a haircut too.
She said YES!!


So, time wasn't exactly on our side since our
pizza arrival was pending...
so I swooped her down to my shop and we
got started.

I gave her a nice relaxing shampoo.
Then we started the cut.
Wow, her ends were really bad.

I took off a good inch.
Then I added some more bangs and blew it dry.

She seemed to love every second.


What do you think?!!

She immediately hopped on the computer...
so I'm guessing she had to tell
her friends about her new do.

Then we had a little family night,
watching Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Us girls didn't last long watching it.
It's rather silly.
Brenden loves it....'nuff said.

By the end of the night,
I could tell Macy was bored...really bored.
I asked her, and she confirmed my suspicions.
Poor girl.
I wish so much we had some books
and magazines in Chinese for her.
We are going to check out another Chinese market today and
I hope to find something for her there.

If anyone knows of WHERE I can order some books,
please let me know!


Janet said...

Cute! I've got some links for books in Chinese on my other computer upstairs. David is on nightshift, and asleep, so I can't get them right now....I'll send them to you later today. I'd be warry of magazines though, if they're anything like American magazines, sooo much trash, and very little content.

Shonni said...

She looks precious with her hair cut!

Martha said...

Too cute - bet she felt like a million bucks!

Can't wait to meet Macy and see how much Miss Lucybug has grown.

Janet and Kevin said...

Love Macy's new do. So sweet that she let you work on her hair. A real bonding for the both of you.

BTW - Kevin just laughed and said, "I love these people!" when I read aloud how your boys loved watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. He and Ted consider it "one of the greatest shows ever!" That puts them in the same mind set as your son! What does that say? Hee, hee!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and soon Eli

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

Her hair looks so good! Can't wait to meet her in a few weeks!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Darling hair cut!!! SHe looks cute with the bangs.

Typical guy show, but hey at least it is not the Two and Half men that my men like to bond together by watching!

Rachel said...

Macy's hair looks great!! The other day Erin said "Miss Lori's new daughter is sooooo pretty!" Your husband will have his hands full one day with two charming daughters!!
Hugs & prayers.

Amy said...

Beautiful! Macy looks so thrilled with her new 'do!

Nancy said...

Love Macy's new look. She looks so chic!!!

Jean said...

Brilliant!! What a great way to bond with her!! I love the haircut!!

I will ask a friend of mine about books and e-mail you! Have you tried Amazon?

Kathy said...

Love her haircut! She looks adorable!
What a wonderful time of bonding.

Cari said...

I had a sneaky suspicion you might be patiently waiting for the opportunity to get your hands on Macy's hair...being a hairdresser and!! You did a fine job...her new hairdo compliments her very well! :)

McNew Family said...

Great new do on Macy! Is there anything that Macy wants me to bring back for her from China? If she wrote it down for me?

ronvic7 said...

We did the Amazon route and China Sprout to get Chloe some books. We also hit up our friendship students when they went home for the summer, she got her last 2 Harry Potter books she needed via them:)
Love the cut, I'm not a hairdresser- well I never TRAINED that is, so my cuts are free but not as good:) She looks great.
Chloe's momma

Patty said...

Oh ohhhhhhhh how I miss the days of watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with my dad!!!! Its so fabulous!! I can't believe I found someone else in the world who watches it! LOL
And---love the haircut! So cute! I'm so impressed you got her to do it, Ellie still refuses......she cuts her own!

Teresa said...

Beautiful Macy!

Karin said...

Macy looks her new cut! :) When we were in Chinatown in Chicago, we found a Christian bookstore. I will see if I can find the name of it. Or I wonder if you Googled Chinese Christian book store, what you would come up with? The one in Chicago let me order and sent books to me once or twice. The worst problem it that most of the books are written in Traditional Script, rather than Simplified. Most of the younger people in China can only read Simplified.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!!! I realized though, that when you posted about the boys, that they haven't been included much in your blog lately.. how have they been doing? All your kids are so precious, and i'm sure they're such a joy to you! God bless!

Holly said...

I have a friend/acquaintance in China who is a Chinese (Korean!) citizen. Also I have a friend living in China as an American...I could try to contact them to see about getting magazings or books...of course shipping is like $10 a pound...but if you get desperate?? Sorry!
How about China Sprouts?

Missy said...

LOVE the new 'do!!! She is so beautiful and the new hair cut makes her face so soft and pretty!! Tell Macy she looks "mahvelous, dahling!"

Missy Wenzl

Kelli said...

So cute! I love it & she looks so thrilled. She really is pretty & has a sweet smile.

Tigrai had her hair done yesterday for a fashion show (hope to post soon about that) & she is trying to sleep very carefully so as not to ruin it. Too cute! I helped her fix it again today & think I am holding my own as a hair-dressing momma.

Good to know we are "in the same boat".

Take care!

Chasity said...

She is absolutely beautiful with long or shorter hair. She does look very happy with her cut. Now she looks like a teenager!

Adeye said...

The haircut looks WONDERFUL!!!! What a blessing she is, dear friend. LOVE her sweet smile :)

Cindy said...

Macy's hair is so cute! Great job mama!
Maybe she'd like the Mei Magazine? and I know there is a Chinese Nat'l Geographic now too, the pictures will probably be beautiful and your whole family would enjoy them.

christy rose said...

Love the new hair cut!! she is adorable!

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