Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pianos and tornadoes

The other day Lucy broke out her little piano keyboard.
And as I was fixing dinner,
I suddenly heard a familiar ...little lamb...tune.
It perked my ears because
as much as Lucy thinks that her pounding is music,
it's well....not.
So I glanced around the corner to see Macy
pecking away,
playing the world-famous lullaby.

I asked her if she knows how to play the piano.
She said no but that she would like to learn!
But wouldn't you know it,
we just gave away the piano we have had setting in our
basement for years.
Actually, it was in need of some major repairs so maybe it's for the best.

SO....now I'm on a search for a decent keyboard to buy
Macy for Christmas. Though the problem is,
we don't have a lot of money to spend.

Any advice?

Last week we saw an advertisement on TV for the show, "Storm Chasers."
Macy looked mildly alarmed.
I asked her if they have tornadoes in Ch*na...she said no.
not wanting to miss out on a spontaneous science lesson,
I quickly drew a map of the United States....
showing her the northern cold air....
mixing with the warm southern air,
creating a crazy swirl (my artwork was amazing),
more commonly known as a tornado.

A few days later, we watched the first episode of the season.
Poor Macy sat and watched
(no English necessary to understand the terror going on),
in our state.
I'm sure it left her thrilled to be here.

Here we are watching the tornadoes run
amuck. Macy is the little head on the right.
Poor girl. Welcome to the Midwest!


Cate said...

Check Craigslist.

I'm with Macy. I lived through hurricanes in the south, earthquakes on the west coast, but the storms and tornadoes of Texas are what freaked me out the most!

christy rose said...

Oh my! I wish I had a keyboard to give to you. I would pack it up and send it to you immediately. That is awesome that she wants to learn to play.
And about the storms, as she learns that she is protected in the hands of the Almighty, she will learn to be fascinated by storms rather than fear them. :)

Janet said...

We started our son on keyboard, didn't want to spend money on a piano until we knew he would stick with it. We got one at Sam's for around $200,but that was about 6 years ago=(. What I wanted to let you know, though, is to getted one with wieghted keys. It costs a little more, but then it is more realistic, like playing the piano. Piano teachers told us to do that, so the transition was better if you actually do get a piano in the future.

Tony and Rett said...

How about Ebay or Craigslist? Lots of people buy them and never open or use them. If she takes off on it and does really well, you could invest in a higher quality one.

Just a thought!

Adeye said...

Too funny about the tornadoes. I bet your artwork was wonderful :)

I would try Craigslist for the keyboard.

Angie said...

Try Craigslist...some great deals out there right now!

Karin said...

I was going to suggest Craigslist, but I see that everyone beat me to it. :)

Martha said...

I got one last year for $5.00 at a garage sale, it was a Yamaha. I loaned it out to a family that had a child interested in piano but no money to buy one.

If I see another one, I will let you know.

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