Wednesday, October 14, 2009

lovin' this girl!!

I know that I keep saying that each day
gets better and better with Macy,
but it's just so true!
And yesterday was no exception!
This shy girly is coming out of her shell
little by little and it's so great to watch her bloom!

For the life of me I can't get Lucy to let me
put a pony tail in her hair.
But oh sure, she lets big sister do it.


I made a brisket for dinner last night...but knowing full-well
that Macy doesn't like beef, I knew I had to come
up with an alternative.
So I pulled out some noodles to stir-fry and
began my Chinese masterpiece.

I kid you not...
in the midst of my culinary experiment
I looked over at Macy and she had this look of
terror and confusion on her face as she was
glaring at what was going on
in the frying pan.

We both just started cracking up.

She jumped up from her bar stool and grabbed
some chop sticks from the drawer...
ever so politely nudged me out of the way and
took over to try to salvage this savory delight.

Who knows what she was mumbling in Chinese
under her breath...
(most likely, holly smokes what is this white woman doing to my noodles?!).

I asked her if she wanted some soy sauce.
"It's very Chinese," I said.

She gave me that little quick shake of the head,
indicating that she didn't understand a word I just said.
So I grabbed our high-dollar life-saver (aka, translator)
and typed in soy sauce.
Then she completely understood
and concurred that we needed it.....

Then she picked up the salt shaker.
Looked at me with those questioning eyes....
"Salt," I answered.

No go.

Translator, one more time.

Ahhh, yes.
She slung some of that on there.

She worked hard at it but wasn't quite sure that she
had saved it from its previous, clearly inexperienced and
obviously not Chinese, cook.

Lucy loved it!
Hadn't even a vague recollection on how to use
chop sticks though.

Again, no problem.
Macy was there to make that rescue also.

the entire thing was a sweet moment.
A little more attachment was achieved.


Sue Mom of Two said...

I am SO loving hearing about your day-to-day adventures with getting to know Macy and Macy getting to know your family. She is such a wonderful (and beautiful) girl!

Sharla said...

What a GREAT story!! She sounds like a jewel!! The ups and downs of this ride make it such an adventure!!

Our Family said...

OK, your entire family cracks me up (in a good way), and it seems like Macy is going to fit right in!!!
And I don't know if you have posted this before and maybe I missed it, but can you PLEASE share what specific translator you have????
I'm thinking we might really need one of those!

Melissa said...

Oh how sweet. I love hearing how good things are going. Its truly a blessing.

Shonni said...

I just LOVE reading how she is precious!

Lacy said...

What a sweet picture of Macy feeding Lucy. I love it! I am thrilled things are going so well.

Nancy said...

You are truly blessed. Hope things continue to go well for you. Looks like Luch and Macy are definitly bonding. Love your updates. (as you well know)

Lisa said...

Great story. Glad to hear that things continue to blossom each day.

Newark, Ohio

Janet and Kevin said...

That was sweet. Thanks for sharing. Reading your stories and knowing how stressful your wait was for Macy but now she is finally here gives me hope for our Eli!

I like to see the bonding with Lucy each day too. We will not be taking Philip with us to China and do worry about his bonding with his baby brother when we return. Your stories give me hope in that area too. (Our Philip is a stinker doodle as well! LOL!! :)) Keeps life interesting!!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Karin said...

I love that you are having more of these sweet moments together! I will pray that they will keep coming more and more frequently until everyone is fully bonded. :)

Debby said...

Wonderful! That sister bonding is a true gift. I love your updates on how Macy is coming into her own.

Eric and Suzie Treanor said...


i've been following your blog posts closely since you came home with her. it warms my heart to see that she is coming out of her shell and also bonding well with lucy. it made me think of my girl and want her home even more now. this waiting is hard but i know that it's right because God's timing is so perfect and i will gladly wait for Him to say, "it's time to get on the plane" i hope that things continue to transition well.

Holly said...

I love to see how well things are going. People need to see the amazing sides of older child adoption. I know there are enough scary stories out there, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing about adoptions that really are going well. I know that doesn't mean there aren't struggles and moments but overall...what a blessing! :)
However I have noticed that you have successfully avoided the entire puppy-German Shepherd discussion since arriving home.

Tiffany said...

Oh yeah! As the little sister, I always love when Sis did my hair rather than Mom (still do). What a treasure to watch that bond develop! And who knew you had a budding chef in the house? Make use of it Mama!

quilt-n-mama said...

Looks like you had fun:)
I'll let you know about the Bible study and while I am thinking about, the kids and I will be in your part of the State for a few days in mid nov (the weekend of the 15th and a few days after wards:)

Karen said...

I love hearing how older siblings care for their younger siblings. Precious that Lucy let Macy fix her hair. Maybe she wanted her hair to look like Macy's? Love all the pictures!

So glad Macy is adjusting and getting more comfortable in a family unit. I can just picture the look on her face when you were "cooking" her noodles:-)

Rachel said...

Absolutely precious! Will you be sharing her Asian culinary advice in the future?! Hugs!

Jean said...

I'm lovin it- the pony tail, feeding lil sis!! Too cute!! many time Anna won't let me do something- because she prefers Sarah to do it!!

You know I don't like to cook but if Sarah, Emma, Ellie and Anna like it - they can have at that kitchen- it's all theirs!

That is so funny she came to the rescue of the noodles! Her noodles!!

The universal language is LAUGHTER! You are a great Mom!!

Victoria said...

Since we are but 12 weeks away from what you are experiencing, your posts are truly educational and encouraging. Lori, may I ask what translator you purchased and if you would recommend it for us?


Cari Bacon said...

that's awesome!! nothing like having a sister.

codyssister1 said...

I'm cracking up over you cooking a Chinese masterpiece and the terror I can picture on her face!!! HA!
Looks like baby steps are happening everyday and that truly is amazing! Woot Woot is right!
I'm sure it's too soon but when you are ready to take her to P&B I'd love to meet the girls for lunch. I can't wait to hear how day to day things happen at your house. How is she doing with the boys?? and Kel? There's so much more I want to know that what I can get here :)
Praying your great big family every day!
love, Teanne

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