Tuesday, October 13, 2009

kitchen floor meltdown

Things continue to go well.
It's really odd because Macy is so very compliant
and polite...smart and sweet.
I am so thankful...very thankful.
But yet it still feels awkward much of the time.
I can't really explain it.
But with each day, we all continue to get more comfortable
with each other.
She is slowing finding her place in our family.
And she is starting to help with Lucy,
and even took the initiative to unload the dishwasher
and help with dinner last night...
all without being asked.

Lucy has warmed up to her for the most part.
90% of the time, she loves having a sister
and will tell you so.
But once in a while she'll show some *jealousy*
and have a little meltdown....

Yes, this is a meltdown...on the kitchen floor.
Notice that she was careful to place a
towel under her head though.
A lady must be a lady even in the ugliest of fits.
But isn't her outfit cute?!

Okie dokie, I gotta get ready for the day!
Lots to do!


Adeye said...

Hhahahah----LOVE the towel under the head! Classic :)

So happy that things are going so well with Macy. You WILL get more and more comfortable with each other as time passes. She sounds like such a delight.

Janet and Kevin said...

Lucy does look cute despite having a fit! LOL!

Here's praying for your bonding and attaching to keep going toward totally feeling comfortable soon!

Hugs from Indy
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting (day 70) for Eli

Sally- That Girl! said...

Can only imagine how awkward times could be, but trusting God's provision for not only her but the whole family must give peace knowing that in due time it will happen. It actually would probably be more weird if everything melted into place from the start....too unnatural.

Karin said...

That girl is a hoot! God help us if we ever get her together with my SaraGrace. Praying for less awkwardness each day for the whole family. Hugs!

JR said...

Soo happy to hear that Macy's transition is going well. (I'll keep praying!)

Your Lucy bug photo made me laugh out loud this morning (& I'm at work!!) LOVE the towel under the head - she is a riot! Thanks for the giggle this morning!

Tony and Rett said...

Well, SURE! Her sweet little head MUST be cushioned at all times!

hehe. Glad to hear jealousy is normal...domestic, international, adopted, biological. Jealousy does not recognize those parameters!

Cate said...

Reminds me of the time my nephew started to throw a fit and began to throw himself back, realized he was on the tile, moved to the carpet and then threw himself down.

Cari Bacon said...

A drama queen must have her towel...lol! Sounds like my Cali :)

Continuing to pray for bonding.

Sharla said...

Ok...that is HILARIOUS!! A towel under the head for a tantrum? You truly have a drama queen on your hands!! I can completely relate to your description of Macy as being compliant and sweet, but that sense of awkwardness... Abby was the same way, in fact, I've only had to correct her very few times. She's amazingly obedient, but for the longest time it was like when one of my older kid's friends come over the first time...awkward politeness...truly a stranger in the house. It will pass, but I'm not sure the kids like ours don't take a little longer for the walls to come down...their emotions are so much more controlled.

The walls will come down though...love can do amazing things!

Jean said...

Her outfit is adorable! I love the placement of the towel- here's no sense in hurting ourselves while having a tantrum! Smart girl!

It took me the first 3 year of or Billy"s life to just realize he was an introvert and it was okay. I thought he was depressed or something else was wrong- now I know to appreciate it! I actually love the quiet introverted type now- they are easy to please, reliable and so sensible! That just may be who Macy is- if so enjoy!! Brenden and Lucy are active enough!

Lynsay said...

Love, love, love the towel! Now I am just a little thankful that Mercy and Lucy didn't meet, we would both have trouble, more trouble, on our hands with those too together! Love ya!

Amy said...

Oh my, Lori...a veritable whirlwind you have had! But Lucy continues to be her adorable self...good Lord, the towel! The big guys appear to be taking it in stride, Macy is amazing (OMgoodness, I can only imagine what must be going on in her head and her heart...your heads and your hearts), and you, wonder Mama are pulling it all together whether it feels like it or not. You and Kelly are a wonderful team and before you know it, all four of your children will fit seemlessly together under your wings.
With Love and Prayers,

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