Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blog Baby Shower

You're Invited!

I'd like to reintroduce you to a few new friends
I met in Ch*na.

In fact,
my friend Karin and I are so crazy about these
little darlings that we are
officially having a baby shower for them!

A BLOG Baby Shower!
you are cordially invited...

And you don't even have to leave your
sweet home.
Just sit back, look at these gorgeous little about what's going on
at the Morning Star Family Home and jump
on board to send them a "shower" gift!

Here, my friends, is Corrie.
She came to Bill and Lynsay a very, very sick
baby girl.
Seriously sick and frail.

She's packed on the pounds and has improved

enormously since then after much love
and care!
And yes, Corrie and I are at Starbucks
in this picture.

Where else do two girlfriends meet for a visit?
Here are Bill & Lynsay's darling daughters doting over Corrie.
They adore her!

Next, you must meet Faith. Oh my heart.
This little girly is such a happy little peanut!

She giggled the entire time we
were there.

And this chunk-0f-sweetness, is Faith's friend, Abby.
Don't you just want to gobble her up?
Here is sweet baby Luke.
The day after this picture he was admitted into the
and has been there since (several weeks).

Please continue to pray for healing. He is the sweetest little guy!

**We weren't able to meet Baby Matthew because he
was with his foster family.

Now that you've met the babies,
let's take a quick look at their new home in the making!

Bill is showing Kelly the blueprint
for their new facility.
And here are B & L in the courtyard of the
new home. It's going to be so great!!

If you've been following Lynsay's blog,
you know that the whole insulation-in-the-ceiling
issue has been a bit controversial.
I'm thinkin' I agree with B & L that they NEED
insulation, don't ya think?!

And there you have it...
a very brief run-down of what this sweet family is up to.

Now, here's what's next.

As with any baby shower you attend...
you need to get a gift!

since the babies are half-way around the world,
the best way to do that is to donate
through Paypal. They almost instantly receive
your generous donation, allowing Lynsay to go load up
on MUCH needed supplies for these sweet cherubs!

Click HERE....scroll down a bit, and on the left
is a DONATE button.
That's where it all happens, friends!

Will you please send your shower gift today?


Sally- That Girl! said...

Thanks for inviting me to the shower. I have never been to a baby shower at 7am before going to work before. It was the bomb!!

Great way to start my day by loving others!

Great way to help a great family!

Thanks again! Wish we were going to Beijing this time so we could meet up with them too.

Jean said...

Sounds like fun!! Love the pics of the precious babies!!

Thanks for the invite!! I can hardly wait to see the new facility!! Yes- I'm all for insulation in the ceiling!! We need them warm in the winter and cool in the summer!!

mom2-4boys said...

What a great idea!!!

Thank you for inviting me!!!

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