Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sorry for my absence yesterday.
I am feeling lazy, blog-wise.
Thankfully that laziness didn't overflow into
the rest of life,
as I woke up yesterday morning with a
tigger-like spring in my step.
Ahhh, jet lag is finally tapering off.

So I got my house in order...showing Macy how
we do the house-work thing.
She seemed to soak it all up.

Then the jet lag 2 x 4 hit me square between
the eyes around 6 PM.
But for whatever reason,
God gave me FOUR children who are night owls.
We didn't get to bed until around 11:30...
and that was because of Lucy.
The girl is a stinker.


Ok, gotta run take a shower for church.
Sorry so boring.


Sally- That Girl! said...

What is it about that 6 o'clock hour and jet-lag? I would literally be sitting up falling asleep, drooling in front of my family like a 90 year old lady. That goodness it only lasted a week or two and now I am back to my spry 20 year old self!

Tony and Rett said...

Boring is good! Tha means you're settling into a pattern of family life. NOoooo, not that our lives are boring, but everyday routines are pretty mundane. That's a good sign!

Elissa said...

I have great news! I've found the twin Lucy was separated from at birth. Her name is Lily and she is such a stinker that I'm quite sure you can smell her from there, 7 states away. The next time she stays up as late as her long-lost twin, I'll send her your way so the sisters can have some late night bonding. Sound like a plan?

Karen said...

Jet lag is brutal. Hoping that Macy is one of those motivated house-working kids. Just today, I asked my kiddos to pick up the living room and my 12 yr old son asked me "how clean do you want it?". Me: "What? Uh, clean, how about that?". Of course this was said in front of my visiting brother who got a big kick out of it and ammunition to use against me:-)

Adeye said...

Boring is wonderful sometimes :) Love that Macy loves housework! What a sweetie.

Karin said...

Ugh...jet lag is the worst! It is quite difficult to have teens and toddlers in the same house. You never get any sleep! Hope that Lucy girl decides to sleep or she will have to come and attend the Karin-boot-camp-of-sleeping-through-the-night. (Not because I discipline so well, but because I am a mean old hag if people mess with my sleep schedule and I protect my nighttime hours as if they were the Holy Grail.)

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