Friday, October 23, 2009

groucho, marshmallow assault, and happy birthday!

Ok, seriously....I keep thinking, are we going to have
any uphill battles in our transition with Macy?
Because so far,
it just gets sweeter each and every day!
The awkwardness is almost completely gone...
and though our routine still needs to be
ironed out a bit,
everything is so very GOOD!!

The boys have loosened up A LOT around Macy
and aren't as intimidated by the language
barrier. They enjoy opportunities
to make her giggle....and here's one of those moments:

This is what went on yesterday when
the kids were supposed to be working
on schoolwork....

And then Lucy insisted getting in
on the action.

I'll give you one guess who Brenden is going to be for Halloween.

Another Lucy-requested photo.

And we ended our day with a full-blown family water fight,
BUT...being that it was completely one-sided
(Dad was the only one with a squirt bottle)
I sent Lucy to get the big guns....
moving our battle to a (much more pleasant) marshmallow attack...
right in the living room...and kitchen.
Macy was laughing hysterically.
There were marshmallows everywhere.
She must wonder what kind of crazy family she
has gotten herself into!!

Oh and guess whose birthday it is today??


Our sweet girl made it to her forever family
with one month to spare
before turning 14.

Today is a super sweet day!



Cari said...

All play and no schoolwork sounds like a blast! Macy "has gotten herself into" a great family!!

I have been explaining to my children what happens to the orphans in China when they turn 14, so when my 11yo read that Macy is turning 14, he said, "So they were able to save her"! (I think God is preparing even their hearts for our next adoption to be an older child). :)


Rachel said...

Happy birthday beautiful Macy!!!
Hugs from all of us in SC!

allisyn said...

happy birthday macy!!!! hope you are enjoying your forever family and that you have the absolutely best day ever !

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Macy!!

I have so enjoyed following your journey. We will be travelling hopefully next Spring to adopt our 12-year-old daughter from Shanghai. Reading about your experience has been invaluable to me. I will especially remember to have some silliness in our routine, like marshmallow fights, to help ease the transition.

Thank you so much!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Macy! I cannot wait to bring Abbey home! We did our immigration fingerprints yesterday. All finished except the waiting!

Shonni said...

Precious, precious...except the one of your son...that is hysterical!!!
Tell Macy happy birthday from us also!

Denise said...

Thanks for giving me a chuckle for the weekend! Glad things are going well...Happy Bithday Macy!

isabellecrouche said...

Happy Birthday Macy!
Those photos are so sweet.

Jill said...

Macy enjoy your 14th Birthday!!
The Hutchison's

Lisa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACY! You are a beautiful young lady. I am so glad you made it to your forever family before your 14th birthday.

Looks like you had a fun day at your house yesterday.I am so glad that things continue to go so well.

Newark, Ohio

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Macy! Keep on smiling!
Nancy in MN

Joe Cribbs said...

Happy Birthday, Macy!! We are so happy for you to be celebrating your birthday with your family. You are an answer to our prayers and those of many others.

May God bless you with a wonderful birthday today.

Joe & Cathy Cribbs

Tony and Rett said...

I wanna play!!!!

Happy birthday sweet Macy! I hope your days are filled with laughter and your dreams are sweet!

YAY for getting to celebrate with your forever family! This next year will be awesome!

Happy birthday!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday, Macy!!

Debby said...

Happy Birthday Macy!!! Sounds like a fun way to see 13 go out & usher in a new year!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Macy!! 14 yrs old- how wonderful!!

Love Brenden's Halloween costume!!

Adeye said...

Happy happy birthday dear Macy. What a sweet blessing you are to your family. I LOVE your smile--it can light up any room, I'm sure.

Have a wonderful day!

Love and hugs from CO.

Nancy said...

Oh, dear Macy, I hope this birthday exceeds your wildest dreams! And I just KNOW that this coming year will be the best year EVER for you! How can it not be? You are infinitely loved, by your wonderful, crazy new family, by your loving Creator, and truthfully, by so many folks you've never met who follow this blog! Wish we lived near you, as my daughter is about your age, and I KNOW you would be great friends!

Hugs and love, beautiful girl!

Nancy in CT (blessed Mama to ShaoXi, adopted 11-26-97...Twelve years coming soon!!!!)

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. I may have missed your blog about this, but why does Macy give the peace sign whenever she gets her picture taken. Noticed Lucy is now doing it as well.

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Macy!!

Anonymous said...

Macy, Happy Birthday Day!! Lina

JR said...

Happy Happy Birthday to precious Macy!! Love to all of you from me in Durango!

Elissa said...

Happy Birthday Macy!

Praying today for orphans turning 14 in China :-(

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Macy! How blessed I feel for getting to share your journey.

Angie said...

Yeah! Macy gets to celebrate with her family this year. Happy Birthday, Macy!

Lacy said...

*Happy Birthday Macy*

Praise God for bringing her home just in time!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

awwwww, that's so awesome! Tell her I said happy birthday and that I can't wait to meet her in a few weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MACY!!!! :)

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Macy. Hope you had a blast on your special day. You share your birthday with our little Eli who is still in China, but not for long!

Such a special day for you both and your forever families.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for our Eli

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Macy!!!!

I have seen those marshmallow guns and wondered if they were any fun. I'm guessing by your post that it would be worth getting. Where are the pictures of the marshmallow war?:-)

Sherri said...

Happy 14th Bithday Macy!!

She has gotten herself into a great family I have to say. Love the pictures and smiles.


Anonymous said...


Karin said...

Can I be in your family!? 'Cause I'd be all over a marshmallow fight!! Thanks for the great idea (and why didn't you take pictures?!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet Macy!!!!!

Londa said...

How Fun!!
Blessings to all!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Macy !!!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Macy!!!

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