Sunday, September 13, 2009

Top Ten List

*Lori's Top Ten Twelve List*
Things I'm Looking Forward to in China:

12. Split pants

11. Risking my life to cross the street

10. Mastering chopsticks by Day 9

9. The western toilet in hotel

8. Rock hard mattresses

7. Noodles...and lots of 'em

6. Breakfast buffets with mysteriously delicious food

5. Being starred at by locals
(they appreciate my rock-star status)

4. Old people exercising in the parks

3. Clean laundry folded and packaged like it was Christmas

2. Holding precious babies and having fun with B & L


1. Adding another princess to our family


Lynsay said...

Oh baby. Before you leave us we are going to add several to your list. Oh yes, you just wait and see.

13. Watching people play the suicide game while riding bikes in front of us.

14. Smell the "river" behind our house!

15. See the year old carpet at our church, that has NEVER seen a vaccum.

and that is only the beginning of your 30 some hours with us!

Debby said...

Love that Top 12....especially #1!!!!

Can not wait to follow your week!!!!!

Shonni said...

Oh, how I wish I was going with you...what an adventure!

quilt-n-mama said...

can I go too??? I love your list. What memories it brings...
Have a wonderful time. Did you get all the goodies packed?

Jean said...

Yippee- the time is almost here!!
I m so excited to finally be able to see more of Shu Li on your blog and it will be legal!! And just think more blog material!!

If you get a chance snap a few extras of baby Luke and Faith for me. I like to dream! It is really my hidden desire to HS until I'm 75 yrs old! Oh what the heck let's make it 80!

Your list brings back great memories!!

Karin said...

ahh... what great memories of China! Don't forget that the spitting ban has been lifted, so that really should be on your list. Don't cha think?

Chris and Sarah said...

Oh, the old people at the park was my favorite part about China other than getting Jaxson.

Laudry done by others had to come in number 2.

I also LOVE the split pants.

I don't miss the food at all though.

Lisa said...

I am so excited for you. I will be watching your blog daily for updates. I can't wait to see Shu Li with you.

Jen said...

The time is SO near!!! I am thrilled for you guys! I can't wait to follow your journey. I think we are FINALLY over our jet lag. It only took a week!!! It was WICKED this time. Tell Dong hello for us.

Blessings as you make final preparations!!!!

Janet said...

You better master chop sticks before day 9---you are so tiny, you will blow away by then!(I, on the other hand, I would not.)

Chris said...

Oh and blowing your nose out the bus window. Well you don't have to do it, just watch someone-else.

Sure there isn't room for me in your suitcase?

Karen said...

Can't believe using kleenex (you brought from home) as tp didn't rate either:-)

So excited that you are leaving next week,'s THIS week. Wow. I'll be praying for you guys. Can't wait to see Shu Li with you guys (and find out her new name:-)

carie said...

so excited for you and your family as you head off to your next adventure. may God richly bless your trip and it be safe and enjoyable. as for the expected travel incoveniences; may you all be full of patience and excitement for each step of this journey God has you on...and you so graciously accept.

mom2eliza said...

Lori, I'm cracking up over your last several posts. You've got more energy than me, I can tell already. I woke up this a.m. a bundle of nerves. It finally hit me; that and a sore throat! Ugh! Looking forward to getting to the Guangzhou portion of the trip just so I can laugh with you!!!

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