Sunday, September 13, 2009

cookies and milk anyone?

I got a ton of packing done yesterday!
It's almost complete...just the last minute things
and I'll be good to go.
And just between you and me,

I may have room to squeeze my pink robe in!

Lucy and I made cookies yesterday afternoon.
And her poor placement of the dough aside,
we have a bigger issue on our hands.
Or, off our hands....

Yes, that's Lucy's band-aid that
fell off.

I'll be sure to warn you should she ever
get a job in the food industry.

Cookies and milk anyone??


Karin said...

Mmmm...nothing says yummy like a used band-aid in the food. :)

quilt-n-mama said...

At least it's only the band-aid and nothing else from the wound, right?!?!?

we'd have cookies and milk with Lucy anytime:)


Jean said...

Gee thank you... that is so thoughtful of you to share but i'm not really hungry right now!

Did you say before that she wanted to be a chef?

allisyn said...

is that a hello kitty bandaid ? if so, i have some just like it! haha

Adeye said...

Ooohhh--I bet they still tasted so yummy :)
So glad you got some packing done!!! So excited for you, friend.

christy rose said...

LOL As long as you did not mix it in the dough and cook it in there. Who cares!!!LOL

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