Sunday, September 27, 2009

TB Test

TB test was
Praise the Lord!!!!!!!
**And since we didn't have to pay for a chest
 x-ray, that means more Monopoly money
for Mama!


Sherri & Todd said...

Praise GOD!!

allisyn said...

Praise God! He's so awesome, isnt He?:)

Debby said...

SUPER!! Great news. Now go SHOPPING!!!!

Leah said...

Praise the Lord!! I have been waiting to hear this! Shop away!!

Joy said...

It is like monopoly money, isn't it? I just entered some stuff from Sarah's trip and thought, wow! I can't believe I spent that much on trinket stuff!

I'm so glad to hear her test was negative.


Chris and Sarah said...

I think you should cash it in and use it for puppy food.

I'm sure Shu Li would love a puppy to love on too.

Kathy said...

Thank you Jesus!
Have fun shopping!

codyssister1 said...

THAT is a miracle from heaven!

Boardwalk, Baby, Here we come!
love, Teanne

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