Sunday, September 27, 2009

bagel keeper

Mercy be.
This is what it's come to...
we are going so stir-crazy, visiting the same
shops over and over,
that K-man is getting delusional and making
me take pics of him.
This is a Chinese bagel keeper, or so he thinks.
It's actually a jewelry box but please don't
burst his bubble, OK?
Next is me taking pics of Shu Li at an amazingly
delicious Italian restaurant on the island.
She is mortified that I would do
such a thing.
Get used to it, sister...Mama's got
a blog to maintain.
My hair continues to look pretty darn good.
However, I have a zit the size of a honey dew.
Oh and today K gave Shu Li a big hug
and she hugged him back (and giggled, of course)!
Tomorrow our guide goes to the consulate to take
care of the visa stuff.
Then Tuesday is our ceremony at the consulate...
then we are off to Hong Kong.
Wednesday we head home!!!!


Adeye said...

PTL on the great news about the TB test!!! Awesome.

You're almost home, dear close now. Hang in there--just a few more days (before you have to search for that perfect new addition to your growing family..know what I mean :):):) )

Love and hugs

Janet and Kevin said...

Oh Lori,

You are a great source of entertainment each day! We continue to pray for you all. God is surely working on that side of the world.

He is working here too! Last night Kevin, Philip and I were hit not once, but twice in our "huge honking car" (as Philip refers to our new (used) Mercury Marguis).

But all praise and glory go to God . . . after a trip to the hospital for all of us, we WALKED out of the hospital with only a minor head injury for me. Philip and Kevin were completely fine! Our faithful God had our car take the brunt of the hits, not us!!:)

In Christ,
Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and waiting for Eli

Karin said...

thank you, Jesus for a negative TB test!! WOOHOO!! And hey...more monopoly money is always a good thing! :) May I suggest a nice oil painting? :) We got one on our last trip and I LOVE it. We got it at Michael'shop which is now on the main thoroughfare of shops just across from the WS. It was only $35 and it's GORGEOUS of a little girl helping her brother across a brook. Michael had lots of choices--and if you don't find what you want, he will bring more the next day. :) I got it framed at Hobby Lobby when they did their (frequent)50% off framing sale. It's a huge painting and it looks amazing on our mantel. It sure beats all the touristy little trinkets we brought home other years. If you go, tell Michael we sent you and tell him (and his sweet wife and son) that we said hi. :)

Chasity said...

I just love your family, the spirit you all have is just so funny and endearing. I love the Bagel keeper...LOL!

It's hard to believe your almost home, time flies from here that is for sure. I have loved following your journey and am excited for Shu Li to get home to meet the rest of her amazing family.

I'm with the boys, a puppy would be ohhhh soooo much fun (as long as they are the ones taking care of it).

Holly said...

You sure know how to have a good time anywhere!
: )

You crack me up with your monopoly money references!
Loving your updates!

Jean said...

Yippee! Soon you will be coming home!! I can hardly wait for the family to meet Shu Li!!

How is the name thing going? You know, you can tell her you have another special name for her- she might react better with a little time!! Let her know there are already Katie's in the family!

So happy for the big hug!!

Rachel said...

My how the time has flown! :) (For me)Keeping you very close in prayer. We loved the Hong Kong train ride & know you'll be SO ready to be home in your own bed by that time! Praying hard for the transition your whole family is about to make - Beautiful new beginnings!

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