Saturday, September 26, 2009

our friend Jordon and tea with Dong

First of all, Brenden left the following comment as
a follow-up to his plea for Hondo: 

Coward??? How dare ye! I think its actually very brave to expose myself on such a site!

Anonymous is the only thing i can post as with out signing up/in to anything! (Now doesnt that make sense?)

Mom! you are going down! i have your entire blog army behind Hondo and I! plus YOU won't buy him! I'll buy him! No prob there! All you will be doing is authorizing giving Hondo a loving home.

Thank you all very much for supporting Hondo and I! I know that with all of your help that we can break my mom's strong will and iron fist and melt her heart with the loving face of adorable Hondo/Hannah!

We'll talk when we get home (and no, that doesn't mean that I'm softening).
But I must correct your grammar a bit.
It should read,
" army behind Hondo and ME."
"Thank you all very much for supporting Hondo and ME."
Don't make me pull out the Shurley Grammar
and my dry-erase board!
I just had to do that.
Yesterday was a really good day.
Shu Li and K bonded a tiny bit more.
Thank you for praying!
Shu Li is SUPER shy at times.
Sometimes I don't know if she's grieving or just
not wanting to she isn't very
confident in her English, which is
really very good!!
But we've learned to easily connect.
Either with our translator, body language,
or our slow-talkin' English.
She is great to have around when we can't
understand the locals here who don't
speak English very well.
She will jump in and talk to whomever
we are having trouble communicating with and
 will tell us what they are trying to say.
Then tell them what we are trying to say.
She's so great!!
*About the pics*
For those of you who have been here,
you surely know Jordon (yes, I spelled his name correctly),
he is a store owner and a wonderful Christian man.
AND he is a hoot to talk to!!!
We love him so much!
While K-man took a nap in the room,
Shu and I did some shopping around the island.
On that note,
we have greatly boosted the economy here.
K had to explain to me that Chinese money
is not Monopoly money.
Anyway, we had tea with Dong.
He is a very friendly guy who loves to visit
over tea.
I shared with him about Jesus...
he quickly changed the subject.
Oh well.
I was just watering a seed planted
long ago, I'm sure.
For those of you traveling behind me,
keep the irrigation going, ok?
**Brenden and Nick:
Dad picked something very special up for you
today at a little street vendor.
Spiderman + underwear


Anonymous said...

Mom you have to admit those are some adorable puppies. B. how good are you at cleaning up doggy droppings? YEAH for bonding! Still praying!

Nicole A. said...

Hello from Ohio! Glad you are doing well. Shu Li looks more relaxed and happy in each day's photos. Have you called her Katie yet? I'm sure you can't wait to get her home to meet the rest of her family!

(We have always had dogs, and our beloved German Shepherd was one of the smartest, best family dogs we ever had. Just sayin'!)

Have a great day (or is it night now?)!

All the best,
Nicole A. in OH

Brittne said...

Sheppards are the GREATEST dogs! Jon and I just got one actually and he is the sweetest thing! Super great with learning tricks and potty training! Their so smart! :)

Patty said...

Stay strong Laverne, stay strong!!! Those pups may be cute for now but then they grow up! Don't give in! Stay strong! LOL!

Jen said...

Awwwww Lori, Jordon and Dong!!! I think everyone loves Jordon, how can you NOT love him? And you we had a great time with him just a few short weeks ago. If you go back and see him, tell him the McCoy's said hello. Glad things are going well for Shu-Li. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Oh, and by the way.....I just can't wait to see your new "grandpuppy"!!! (wink, wink)

Anonymous said...


I have to agree with Brenden.. He does have at least some of your blog army behind Hondo & him.... :)

Holly said...

So many funny things...where do I start? Oh my, the puppy battle. They are adorable for heaven's sake!! ;) blog army...Ha! Monopoly money? hahahaha! Your whole family is funny! :)

I hope sweet Shu Li is doing fine on the inside. I know this must be hard for her even if she is mostly happy. I will continue to pray for you all. And I love how you are using this trip to tell people about Jesus!! I will pray for your tea friend!!

Love you!

Karin said...

Be strong, Lori. Shepherds shed like crazy. And poop. :)

We love Jordon, too! :)) He's a riot. My hubby always has a chat with Dong while I shop in that store. Did he give you a pee-pee boy? If not, you MUST go back and get one. Your boys would spend many hours--and I mean, MANY, having a blast with it. :))

Sally- That Girl! said...

Tell Brenden I will only get behind him and Hondo if Hondo is an adorable Boxer!!!!!

Didn't meet Dong last time so if you tell me where, I will do some irrigating in the spring!!!

Holly said...

Did meet Dong, didn't meet Jordon!
You have the best sense of humor ever...obviously passed that on to your son :)
Shu Li is so very precious! Can't wait for you to get to know her more and more!
What a wonderful Father we have!
Holly- Purpose Driven Family

Janet said...

Gotta side with you Lori! Had a shephard for a while, chewed my teak furniture and my grass looked like it had a shephard rug over it from all the shedding. Sorry Brenden--but I'm just not a dog person.
We have visited with Jordon both times. Bought a tea set from Dong, but honestly, he was scarry to me. Good for you though, I'll try again in Jan. Your boldness is awesome, we actually had one agency that has us afraid to say anything about Jesus, or wear Christian t-shirts.
Last time I had a store owner ask if I was a Christain--I answered yes, but that was it. I've regretted it ever since,that I did not talk to her more, I'll be looking for her when we go in Jan.

I can't believe your trip is almost over--has flown by for me.
Can't wait til you get home and type loooong posts about your precious ShuLi.

Jean said...

Love to hear how you are doing! Glad it was a good day!! Tea and shopping, that works for me!

When will you be getting Hondo? How old is he right now? I bet a puppy would help Shu Li with bonding and attachment! It is something fun she could share with her brothers!

Keep posting!!

Adeye said...

Yep---he definitely has the pup in the bag! It's a done deal, mom :)

So glad to hear your sweetie is warming up to Dad a little more--it just takes time.

Sending you a HUGE hug.

Shanna said...

yay!! we LOVE Jordon and Dong! my girls were worried about drinking tea (not being boiled) with Dong.. I reminded them that God would protect them and there was something to be learned by trusting Him.
We all miss GZ so much... I know you want to be home, but try to enjoy China to the fullest... you may not be back again for sometime.

connie said...

Bonding, yeah! Shopping, yeah! Witnessing, yeah!!! Hi, Jordon, sweet friend! We'll see him in a few weeks ... and we'll irrigate the seed planted with Dong (isn't his store Susan's Place - can't keep them straight??)

Anonymous said...


YOU actually called the dog by his name, Hondo, in your post, so that pretty much makes him a family member!!! Can't wait to read your new adventures of Shu Li AND Hondo.


trina said...

I'm surprised that Dong changed the subject. Susan is a believer and when we were there, Dong ask all kinds of questions. Ask to speak to Susan and tell her you are my bloggy friend. And then talk to her about her faith. She is so sweet.
Hebe at Double Happiness across from Starbucks offered us the best deals. If her daughter is there, she understands English well and you can for sure share with her. I love those girls.

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