Saturday, September 26, 2009


Scratch the idea I had of living here.
I'm soooo sick of it!!
(Lynsay, I have a whole new respect for you)
I miss my country and
Last night we ordered Papa John's pizza.
And guess who loved it and
ate an entire piece?!!
How do you like our make-shift plate (aka, pizza box lid cut in two)
K-man had to stop and watch two guys trying
to put a new light on a pole.
(Mike is this what you and K look like when you are working?)
It was pretty entertaining.
K-man and Shu Li haven't exactly hit it off.
She is a little intimidated, I'm afraid.
But he is taking baby steps with her and she's
starting to respond.
Even though she isn't as shy as we expected,
she's still VERY SHY.
Does that make sense??
We went to the shopping district and
once again had quite a bit of interesting
sights along the way.
I'm thinking of becoming a vegetarian.
At least while in Ch*na.
While shopping
I had my patience tested like never before...
I simply can't stand being shoulder to shoulder
with people. 
Let me know if you want me to pick  
up a brassiere for you.
However, if you are over a B cup,
I can't help you.
Brenden, Dad found a puppy for you.
Cross your fingers that we
get through customs.


Karin said...

That photo of the eggs and bras totally cracked me up!!! I will pray extra hard for you today. There are so many emotions on an adoption trip. I know it can get overwhelming at times.


Anonymous said...

Praying that the relationship between your husband and Shu Li continues to grow.

Cari Bacon said...

There's nothing like the good ol' U S of A is there?! *hugs* I'm sure you're exhausted and wanting something familiar. Time to start the countdown home, huh?! Just a thought, Shu Li may be feeling the same thing in the next week or two when you are all back home. I'll be praying in advance for a smooth transition.

Got to love all the live "options" for food! That really got to me too when I was there.

Hey the smaller the better on the braziers!! I might actually find one that fits me! LOL

As soon as I saw the puppy pic I thought "How cute but does it have worms"? I'm sure they have an issue with that like we do here.

Praying for you Lori!! Keep running the race. You're doing a great job!!

Lisa said...

Your on the down hill slide of your trip. Your almost there.

I will pray for K-man and Shu Li for there relationship to strengthen. I am sure once you get home and she sees him with the other kids, it will help to break that barrier.

Praying for you today. Keep running the race, the finish line is very close.

Newark, Ohio

Rachel said...

I so remember those feelings, and your encouragement was HUGE in helping me through those last few days in Guangzhou. Praying you through the downward slope!
PS I'll take a bra in every color - You're so generous!

Adeye said...

Oh I remember that point you get to when you have just had ENOUGH! Ug, being a good vegetarian mommy myself--the food and live animals are just tooooo much for me there. I always cross over to the opposite side of the street when I see one on THOSE restaurants coming up :)
Oh, and trying to find vegetarian food in China is seriously impossible. I lived on rice, and more rice and more rice. Our guide told us that GZ is well known as being the place in China where the locals eat ANYTHING that moves :)

There ya go--a lovely little bit of info to leave you with :)

Jaime (@ fearfully and wonderfully made) said...

the chicken thing freaked me out. poor chicks, they need to runa dn be happy.

and i was very excited about hte bras... until you mentioned no bigger than B cup. how is it that i can get masses of boob cut off of my body and it's still too big by China's standards? i knew i should have told that doc to take 'em smaller! darn it!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Dad. Just give her a little time. She is going to be fine in just a short while I promise!

Brittne said...

Aww cute pictures!! So glad Shu Li LOVED the pizza! She will definately have no problem fitting into life as an American teen!

And rats! No brassiere for me! Dang!

<3 Brittne

Sally- That Girl! said...

Oh you are at that point in which we all have been trying to kill the time in China. It starts out with excitement and receiving your precious gift from God, the purpose of your exotic trip to China. You get a few days to settle in, then you move to GZ, enjoy a few days and then it is time to go home, but wait you can't you have the most important CA appt, so you wait, you shop, you eat things you no longer want to eat, you walk, you can't wait for bed time but then you remember it is not your bed at home rather a piece of plywood with a fluffy duvet on top!

Sending extra prayers your way today! And Brenden is right, daddy and daughter will be fine in time!

Anonymous said...

I found out Pizza and KFC were Lina's favorite. She will choose Pizza over rice. Hang in will be home soon.

Patty said...

Oh score on the pizza!!!!! Ellie hated pizza the first few weeks and would only cover it with hot spicy sauce. Then she realized how often we have pizza and had to cave in and enjoy it. Now she'll go back for seconds!

Bummer about all the shoulder to shoulder shopping!!!! The place we went was so open that it didn't feel crowded!!

You're almost home!!! Oh.So.Close. Hang in there!!

Shonni said...

I am that way every time I visit a foreign the adventure of it all...then ready to get home to the "familiar".
I love reading about your adventures...thank you for sharing!

Chris said...

Bring me some AA size about 4 or 5 I'll send you my address :^) Hope got a huge kick out of that picture. 7 y.o. for you.
K-man is a bit imposing, give it time- that grin looks like Brendan!

Daveda said...

Hope you have a great trip back home.

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