Friday, September 25, 2009


We are getting ready for the day and I
don't really have anything new to
report to you but I want you to go read
Brenden's comment from my last post.
(In regard to me saying NO to the dog request)
It's an "Anonymous" comment (coward) though
he does sign his name at the end.
You will laugh, I promise.


Michele said...

Oh my gosh, that was hysterical! I gotta be honest, I vote for Hondo. He brings up a lot good points, that Brenden. Five dollars says he wears you and K-Man down.

Brenden if you are ready this, I am pulling for you and Hondo!

Lynsay said...

Ok, yes that is hilarious!! Hahahaha! But seriously, as wonderful as Brendon is, are you kidding me? You have NOTHING new for us? Doesn't your dear daughter realize that you have hundreds of people to please and that means we need pictures!!! :) Love you guys! Miss you already!

Holly said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Now come on...You have to get that boy a dog! His points were so well thought out. That's got to count for something! And Hondo is just a great name for a dog. Pleeeeeease??? lol :)

Shonni said...

War??? or dog????
I think he has already won...LOL

Chris and Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, give that boy his dog! If you don't give it to him someday you will look back and wish you would have. Come on, he needs a dog to train to protect his momma. Plus he will never let you live it down if you don't give it to him. He could even train it to scare the boyfriends away .

Adeye said...

Hahaha---that is hilarious. LOL

It sure looks like the apple does not fall far from the tree :)

Yep--have to agree with the ladies--the boy has the dog in the bag :):):)

How can you possible NOT mother???


Karin said...

Be strong, Lori. :) bahahahahahaha....good luck with the war! :) Your son is hilarious. Does he have a blog? :)

Can you PULEESE throw us a bone and post a few pictures?! :)))

Jean said...

Love it! Go Brenden!! I'm sorry but the boy needs a dog! of course we will ignore the fact that soon he will go to college and the dog will be left with you! ;-)

Maybe he will come home more often if Hondo is at home! You know bribery works!!

Best of Luck! Your gonna need it!

Cari Bacon said...

LOL...thanks for the laugh!!

I have just one question for ya! Who's scoopin' the poop!!

carie said...

seriously, i am with lynsay. more news ...more news...more pictures.

Mandi said...

HE is absolutely hysterical. How do you do it? How do you parent a child with such creativity and humor? I can usually count on a smile, chuckle, or laugh whenever a post is about one of your kids, especially Brenden.


Janet said...

Hilarious! Like you don't have enough going on. He's trying to wear you down when you're tired and starving! I'm with Jean, though, college isn't too far down the road, then who's left to scoop poop?!
It sounds like things are great, you're in our prayers. BUT WE NEED PICS!!

Holly said...

your son is hilarious! What a neat family you have Lori!
LOVE Guangzhou!!
So thrilled that things are going this well. With older child just really blesses my heart.
Even though our experience was raw and painful I realize that many many times...people have amazing experiences..just like you!
Praise God!

Sarah the Kool Kid said...

ok, I seriously just choked on my rice and almost shot some stuff our my nose.
Also, I'm reading these comments and I promise not to pressure you towards or away from the dog. There are many pros and cons.
pro: a guard dog and best friend
con: the fact that a teenage boy would take care of him (aka: the mom of said teenage boy) and he may make lucy a chew toy.

connie said...

Too funny! Get the precious boy a dog ;-) And get us some pix - lol!

Kathy said...

That is So funny!
Well I know where his humorous genes
come from. Not sure about the stubborn
My major question would be who is (REALLY)
going to do Poop Patrol?

Martha said...

How absolutely funny - you have to give in and let this guy have Hondo or Hannah. Nothing like a boy and his dog!

I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

Tesseraemum said...

WAY too Funny!! He has way too much time on his hands! You might want to get home quick. If he uses these tactics on Grandma there might be a dog waiting in the driveway when you get home! I have to tell you I have a 12 year old minion for Brenden! Isaac has been doing "dog research" for over a year. He knows the breeds that are good for families and the hypo-allergenic varieties. One of his reasons not wanting to bring home another kid...."If we get another kid I won't be able to get a dog!" He got a fish tank last year (it didn't fill the void like I thought it would! hmm)
Good luck to you! Sheri

Tina said...

Oh my word! That is so funny. "Please get him a dog!"...said the mom with three dogs, 4 cats, 2 horses and a pet turtle!

Tina poor husband doesn't want any of our animals but he loves us SO much he puts us

Anonymous said...

Coward??? How dare ye! I think its actually very brave to expose myself on such a site!

Anonymous is the only thing i can post as with out signing up/in to anything! (Now doesnt that make sense?)

Mom! you are going down! i have your entire blog army behind Hondo and I! plus YOU won't buy him! I'll buy him! No prob there! All you will be doing is authorizing giving Hondo a loving home.

Thank you all very much for supporting Hondo and I! I know that with all of your help that we can break my mom's strong will and iron fist and melt her heart with the loving face of adorable Hondo/Hannah!

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