Friday, September 25, 2009

a slice of heaven

Ahhh...Shamian Island.
If they would discreetly put in a Taco Bell
and Applebee's, I would send for my belongings
and kids and move here.
And when I get to heaven,
my request is that my cottage-like mansion
be quietly located in a plsce much like this quaint island,
in all its green tropical beauty, while
surrounded by snow-capped mountains.
Minus any humidity, of course.
Only God will be able to pull that off.
And oh, and He will.
We started our day with a phone call
from Shu Li's friend, Lina!!
It was so great to let them chat away!
While Shu was on the phone,
I slipped out to get Starbucks because well,
a girl needs her Starbucks.
And the one on Shamian Island is the greatest ever.
Then we skyped with our boys back home.
Sniff, sniff.
We miss them so much!!
We talked for about an hour and they made
Shu Li giggle the entire time.
They are a HOOT!!
Oh and the answer to the dog question was
Then we skyped with my friend Patty and her
daughter Ellie, Shu Li's other friend in America.
We had a great time!
Then we set out to do some shopping.
K-man didn't want to take a taxi so we
walked to the big shopping district.
It was an experience getting there.
And yes, the pic of K talking to two locals
is him getting directions.
Sometimes a guy just has to swallow his pride
and find out where in the world he is.
We only bought two pairs of jeans
and some books.
It was so crazy-busy (as always) and about 97 degrees.
I'm not kidding.
But for some unknown reason,
my hair has stayed within the zip code.
Thank you for praying.


Debby said...

Love your posts Lori. Hey! When you have your cottage-mansion in a place like Shaiman Island...we'll finally live close enough to visit!!
I know you miss the kiddos at home, but isn't it wonderful to have this great one on one time to get to know Shu Li?
Your pictures today make me want to fly & visit China right now. I can not wait to take my girls there someday.

Cari Bacon said...

You all are looking great! Enjoy the shopping and all the luxuries (Starbucks) of GZ!! Can hardly believe that you trip is moving along so quickly. I just notice that you will be going to HK. Some how my husband and I didn't go there on our trip. I'll be interested to see what you think of it.

I'm interested in hearing how you were/are able to locate Shu Li's friends already in the states and/or track the ones that have families already in the adoption process. How wonderful for her to be able to maintain contact and maybe see them again back at home here.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Life on the island certainly does sound great!!! I am so excited to think we be there again in no time, okay in God's perfect time!! Our homestudy will be done next week!!!!

Shu Li looks so comfortable and so teenagerish sitting on the bed yapping on the phone! Such a sweet girl.

You and K-Man look great too. I am over the top happy that the two of you got to do this together!

Stacy said...

I love you pics...Katie seems like she is adjusting well. Looking at you pictures I can't wait to visit China again. Go on and get a dog what is one more. We talked my husband into a dog after him saying no for 19 years. It just adds a little spice to ones life. Boxer puppy is quite a clown your kids would love one. Happy shopping and take care!

Karin said...

I LOVE Shamian Island, so when God gives you that place, I want to be next door! :) Whenever we are there, I feel like it is my second home. And the shopping district is a hoot! I was dragged around that area during pre-CNY season (think pre-Christmas shopping on Sat. at a mall--on steriods). Even I, who love to shop, could not stand the crowds. Oh...and the blaring music to help you not be able to think straight! :) I loved strolling up and down the streets at the market, though, and seeing the things for sale. Our guide told us that people come from all over China to shop in that market area for herbs, and uh..those bats on sticks--or whatever they are!

Wish I was there with you!!!! So sweet to see the pics of ShuLi talking to her friends--and to hear that your boys are cracking her up!

Woohoo for humidity-proof hair! :)

Holly said...

I can't wait to go! Although, I am really hoping the temperature goes down a bit before we get there. What a fun day! I am so happy for Shu Li that she's been able to talk with her friends!

Patty said...

Is that an indoor shopping place?? I didn't know about that place, but that looks fabulous!!!! The one we went to is all outside--did you find that one? Ask Sarah, she can write it on a card for a taxi. They had GREAT deals on clothes at the outdoor place.
Ellie had a great time talking to Shu Li, when we hung up she made a "waaahhhh" sound.....and said "tomorrow skype!!!". So we'll try to catch ya later!!

Jerry and Christy said...


So glad to see everything going so well. Katie is so cute! We didn't get to stay on Shamian Island last year when we were in China getting our Daughter. We took the subway to get there for some shopping.
Glad your hair is doing so well. Mine does the frizz thing too. Your pictures look great.
My husband and I are watching to see how everything goes for you. We are hoping to be able to adopt an older child in the near future. The
Lord willing.
God bless you!

quilt-n-mama said...

I love walking on Shamien Island... enjoy it for me too! Looks like you are having fun! Hope the rest of your trip is as wonderful as the rest seems to have been!

Anonymous said...

This Hondo thing aint over mom!! OH NO! its only just begun!! (the dog's name is Hondo)

you said your self that we were in need of a new dog for out side! Domino aint gettin job done no mo'!

And Dad! Deep down! Deep deep deep!!! down i know that you would not mind in the slightest bit having a majestic animal such as the Brave and intelligent German Shepherd! I know your heart is grieving for the poor poor job we did with Petra! and that it is yearning for a second chance! A second chance for the perfect best friend! One who can protect you! One who can save you! One who will love you unconditionally!

Yeah its a lot of work! yeah Hondo will need attention and training! But lets face cold hard reality! I need a hobby! And that fact you can't deny!

So don't think the battle, nay, the war is over! For it has only just begun! (and if its a girl i like hannah!)

DISCLAIMER: Do not go and start ripping apart my grammar! I do have the uncanny ability to write in near perfect English when I have to! My errors mistakes are my personality and i love dem.

Your hard headed (which is Genetic) Son! ;)

Sherri & Todd said...

love the pictures as always. I can't wait to get there myself one day and see the surroundings myself. What a beautiful country.

Jean said...

Love the pics of Shu Li on the phone and the computer!

It's hard for guys to get help with the directions- way to just suck it up K-man and let your little girl help you!!

I have to tell you that Shu Li is as cute as can be!!

Karen said...

I agree, your boys are a hoot. Love Brenden's comment to you. Shu Li looks so relaxed hanging back on the phone.

I agree, Shaiman Island is a beautiful oasis. I would love to stay there for an extended time (if someone else would cover the cost a suite at the White Swan with a river view). A girl can dream..can't she:-)

Keep the pictures coming.

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed reading your posts! You all are one blessed family to have such great kids! Can't wait to see how Shu Li blossoms even more when she gets home! Happy travels!

Londa said...

Hi Lori, I look forward to reading your posts every day. It so exciting and fun to hear about your travels and I love all the pictures. Katie is such a doll! By the way, I like that name. I'm still in awe of what God is doing in and through you and so many others. You inspire me as a mother and a Christian. I find myself anxious to be back in China. I loved our stay in GZ. I didn't want to least not as soon as we had to. I'm looking forward to your little trip to Hong Kong as we are thinking about visiting there next time if it works out. We will have a fiesty traveler with us though so we may have to keep the trip as simple as possible. Glad to know all is going well! Enjoy your will go by quickly. Thanks always for sharing! Blessings! Londa

codyssister1 said...

Brenden, you have made valid points in your reasoning for ADOPTING Hondo into your home. I'm with you my friend. Let me know how I can help, I've got your back.
(yeah, we don't know each other but I'm your mom's friend and Robin's cousin. I think we can make this work!)

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